Garlic: Bad for the Breath but Good for the Health

Garlic is a root crop that is known for its strong flavor. It is often used for cooking to spice up various kinds of dishes. Other than that, it also has medicinal value as it contains the ingredient called allicin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and even antioxidant qualities. Obviously, the garlic has significant benefits for the health, and here are some examples:

Fights Allergies
Garlic’s anti-viral properties help the body combat allergies. This is the reason why most people with allergies are advised to eat dried garlic two to three weeks before allergy season takes place.

Relives Coughs
Since garlic has anti-bacterial qualities, it’s a wonderful antidote to coughs and other throat infections. It can also work to reduce the severity of some upper respiratory tract irritations.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
Garlic is recommended for people with diabetes because it can effectively regulate blood sugar levels. It does this by increasing the production of insulin.

Lowers Blood Pressure
According to clinical studies, taking garlic supplements can be as effective as taking prescription blood pressure drugs. Studies show that people with hypertension who took garlic supplements every day for five months immediately had lower blood pressure. The recommended dosage for garlic supplements is 600 to 900 mg a day.

Maintains Proper Cholesterol Levels
Another benefit of garlic is on a person’s cholesterol level. Eating garlic at least thrice a week can effectively lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce risks of plaque formation in the arteries by almost 5 percent.

Alleviates Toothaches
Garlic also does wonders for annoying toothache with its antibacterial, anesthetizing and analgesic properties. Putting a piece of crushed garlic on the surface of the affected tooth and gum can provide instant relief. It’s actually a widely used home remedy for toothaches.

Removes Warts
Because of the ability of garlic to fight bacterial infection, it is an effective treatment for warts. To use this as treatment, get a fresh clove of garlic. Cut off its tip and rub that cut area on the surface of the wart for a few seconds. Repeat the process before going to sleep. Watch the wart disappear after a few weeks. Rinse the area with water if there is any irritation or burning sensation. If that happens, discontinue this home remedy.

Some Precautions
Surely, garlic has lots of benefits for the health. There’s a catch, however: it gives you bad breath! Brushing your teeth right after eating a garlic spiced dish can help. So is eating vegetables and drinking plenty of water. It’s also a good idea to take garlic supplements to avoid having bad breath.

Also, take note that garlic is not recommended to be consumed in raw form since the enzyme that produces allicin may be destroyed in the stomach. Because of this, it is better to consume garlic in dried or cooked form.

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