Get Rid of Concentration Killers

Are you having trouble concentrating on the task at hand? Does your mind flutter elsewhere when it should be focused on what you are doing? Do you find it hard to stay on one chore at a time? Before you blame it on attention deficit disorder (ADD), which you may not really have, consider the fact that today’s world is full of distractions and that your problem can be resolved easily if you follow these techniques.

Stay Away From Social Media Sites
This is the number one distraction every employee and student is battling with everyday. There’s this compulsion of logging on to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook, even when you have lots of other more important things to do. The solution? Take your laptop to a place where you cannot access internet. This way, you can finish that term paper you need to work on without succumbing to the temptation of peeking into your status to see how many of your friends “liked” it. If you’re in the workplace, ask your boss to block social media sites. Do it discreetly so that you don’t earn the ire of your Facebook or Twitter addict officemates.

Designate a Time for Checking Emails
It’s the same thing with email. You instantly stop what you’re doing when you hear the “ping” that someone has sent you an email. Checking it isn’t wrong if it is work-related, like if your boss sends you instructive emails from his trip abroad. But if the message is from your friend who sends hundreds of forwarded messages and jokes, then you should really skip reading it and go on with your work. The disruption in the work cycle can inhibit your train of thought.

Take Advantage of the Caller ID
Another sure-fire way to get distracted on work is to hear the phone ringing. Use the caller ID smartly. If the call doesn’t seem to be urgent, let it go to the voicemail. If you’re working on a serious project, turn your phone into a silent mode. Listening to voicemail later is less disruptive than taking all the calls as they come in.

Manage Your Stress Effectively
Loads of stress can also take a toll on your focus. Stress can bring tense muscles, racing heart, and headaches – all these things inhibit your ability to concentrate. Engage in stress reduction techniques. Once in a while, take away all the stressors in your mind through yoga, meditation, massage or movie marathon.

It’s true that when you’re not interested in what you’re doing, your attention can easily fly away. Doing boring tasks can also take a lot longer than when you’re doing something that sparks your interest. To resolve this problem, make a deal with yourself. If you are able to accomplish the task in a certain period, reward yourself with anything that you’ve been dying to have. This would give you the motivation to concentrate on a boring task.

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