Get Rid of Your Migraine Now

Children, adolescents and adults experience headaches all the time. When these headaches are chronic coupled with vomiting, nausea, or extreme sensitivity to light and sound, it can be a sign of migraine. Migraines are often distinguished from normal headaches by the severity of pain, which is usually confined to one side of the head or both sides. The pain is throbbing or pulsating, and thus interferes with regular activities. This can last from four hours to days if left untreated and can occur several times a month.

Why suffer the pain when you can do something about your migraine?
Various options can be selected for pain relief when you suffer from this condition. You can choose to take pain relievers or preventive drugs. Pain-relieving medications (abortive) are taken during migraine attacks so that the symptoms would be stopped. Abortive drugs can be in the form of injection, taken as a pill, or by nasal spray. If you experience nausea or vomiting due to the migraine, abortive medications are especially useful. Preventive medications, on the other hand, are taken regularly to reduce the frequency of the attacks as well as the severity and length of migraines. If you experience the pain frequently, or if the attacks are severe, you should take preventive drugs.

If you are not very keen on taking drugs, self-care measures are available to ease and get rid of migraine now.
Rest and relax. Try to do some yoga, meditation, and other muscle relaxation exercises. Spend at least an hour and a half each day doing things that will relax you such as reading, listening to soft music, gardening, or taking a warm bath. Get enough sleep, but make sure not to oversleep. The average adult requires at least six hours of sleep at night. In addition, go to bed and wake up at regular times. If you feel that a headache will occur, go to your room and turn off the lights or close the curtains if it is daytime. No need to panic.

You may also try alternative medicine like acupuncture, which according to many researches may ease chronic pain in the head. Get a massage if you do not want needles inserted into several areas of your skin. Massage can improve your sleeping patterns and quality of your sleep. If you sleep well, you are less likely to experience migraine attacks.

Avoid foods that may trigger the attacks. If you keep a headache journal, you will know what causes your migraines. If certain foods seem to have caused your pains, avoid these foods. Among the foods that are known to trigger migraine include cheese, caffeine, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, cocoa, nuts, and many others. If the pains are due to certain scents, avoid them as well. Keep a headache diary if you have not started with one so that you will be aware as to the triggers of your headaches. If you decide to see a doctor, when all these remedies fail, having a headache diary will surely be helpful in your diagnosis.

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