Happy Mommy, Healthy Baby

When a mother is happy and healthy all throughout from conception to birth of her baby, she has a great chance of delivering a healthy baby too. There are a number of ways by which you can stay happy and stress-free during your pregnancy, and some of these are very simple to do.

All throughout history, pregnancy has been a marvelous and mysterious event that people usually celebrate. For some, this has been over exaggerated and has put unnecessary worry and concerns on them about becoming expectant parents, but this should not be the case. Couples need to make some adjustments in order to cater to the needs of the pregnant woman but this should be within reason, set of expectations, and within the confines of the budget allocation. A good pregnancy diet plan is also indispensable to make the baby inside the womb healthy. The mother should be careful in her food intake to ensure that she does not eat anything that could harm the baby and cause birth defects.

On Pregnancy Diet Plan
Unlike what most people think, designing a pregnancy diet plan is not that difficult. Planning a diet for the pregnant women simply means adjusting the regular everyday diet to incorporate and satisfy some extra nutritional needs brought about by the developing fetus in the woman’s womb. You will need an extra three hundred calories to ensure that you are taking in adequate nutrition for you and your baby. Also, do not forget to make the necessary adjustments to your exercise routine now that you are expecting. Moderate exercise is needed throughout the duration of pregnancy.

What Makes Up a Good Pregnancy Diet?
In reality, there is no need to drastically change your diet once you get pregnant. You can continue consuming your regular nutrients listed below but you must eat these in the right proportions as recommended by your doctor.

1. Sources of protein such as fish, poultry, meat and beans

2. Carbohydrates like rice, cereals, bread, pasta, fruits and vegetables

3. Products containing calcium such as milk, yogurt, spinach, sardines, salmon and cheese

4. Iron-rich foods such as cereals, lean red meat and spinach

5. Foods containing folic acid such as green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, nuts and dark yellow fruits and veggies

6. Vitamins A, C, B6, B12 and D from natural food sources or dietary supplements

7. Healthy fats from dairy products, nuts, peanut butter and avocado

For the pregnancy diet to become successful, you must do some portion-control measures to avoid overeating. Also, you must drink enough liquids to keep your body well-hydrated and stay within the recommended weight range.

What to Avoid
Aside from a balanced and healthy diet, you must avoid following:

– alcohol
– smoking
– high-fat and high-sodium foods
– allergy-causing foods
– over-the-counter medicines
– raw eggs and fish
– processed meats
– unpasteurized dairy
– dangerous drugs

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