Harmful Lifestyle – Get Up and Make a Change

We cannot deny the fact that year after year people are stricken with diseases caused mainly by modifiable factors: unhealthy lifestyle to be exact. This is the major reason people easily become sick and unable to function at maximum capabilities. More and more people are engaging in activities that are putting themselves at risk. And the sad part is that they don’t even take action about it.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyle covers a lot of aspects. This may include unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, having multiple sex partners, harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol or even prohibited drugs, and becoming too toxic or stressed at work. Mainly people may lack concern and motivation, or they just may be in denial of the fact what they are doing are detrimental to their overall health.

Americans already got the nickname “huge people” because more and more are becoming overweight or obese. Now, even the Chinese population is also getting overweight which concerns the Chinese government. With the advent of technology, people’s lives have become so easy and fewer efforts are needed to perform tasks. This lessens the chance of getting any form of physical activity as well. The creation of fast foods and junk foods has provided convenience and ease for many busy individuals because they are very accessible and affordable. With the advancement of transportation, communication and media, people tend to become too dependent on them already. With the rampant production of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, people are enticed to buy them and become addicted to them.

Sadly, more and more kids are also becoming unhealthy. Instead of involving in sports or playing outside with other kids, they mostly stay home playing computer games for most hours of the day. Instead of eating the right kinds of food, they prefer to eat ice creams or chocolate chip cookies. Parental guidance is really needed and they must also set an example to their kids by becoming good role models.

Healthy Lifestyle
It is indeed quite difficult to change a lifestyle. It needs discipline, determination, and a whole lot of motivation and support. But just by making a lifestyle change, it can indeed change your life for the better, making you live happy and longer. It will increase your confidence and overall sense of being. According to the National Institute of Health, just by taking steps for healthy living, it can decrease risks of getting heart problems, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and other serious problems.

Getting involved with a healthy lifestyle revolves around:

• Eating a well balanced diet with the right kinds of foods which includes fruits and vegetables, lean meat, chicken and fish, grains, root crops, legumes, and other organic foods.

• Avoiding eating processed, fast junk foods; it is best to eat at home and prepare the foods yourself.

• Exercise or any form of physical activity that allows the increase of heart rate improving one’s circulation. A person should have at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday, or most days of the week.

• Stopping all vices such as cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol intake.

• Avoiding one night stand or having multiple sex partners to decrease chances of getting STDs, or worse, HIV/AIDS.

• Rest and Relaxation that allow you to ease the mind and body and regain overall balance.

• Maintaining a healthy weight.

Life is wonderful; there are many pleasant things in this world that are worth experiencing. Get up now, and start making the change. It is never too late to live a happy, healthy life!

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