Have a Comfortable Travel without Getting Air or Sea Sick

Your spouse or your friend has finally reserved two plane tickets for your travel to the other side of the world where you will be spending some quality time together. As soon as he or she informed you about his or her surprise, your mind started to work, thinking about your most dreaded experience everytime you board a plane – the nauseating plane ride and the feeling of wanting to vomit begin to worry you. What can you do to keep yourself from experiencing motion sickness?

There’s no need for you to get scared or embarrassed because you are not the only one who experiences this. As a matter of fact, many people suffer from motion sickness everytime they ride a car, boat, ship or plane. Motion sickness is connected to the equilibrium or balance of the body. When this balance is disturbed, you will experience motion sickness that is usually indicated by nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Indeed, motion sickness could ruin a supposedly wonderful trip. It is important that you take some preventive measures in order to keep yourself from experiencing this awful feeling and have a wonderful trip towards your destination. Here are some simple ways that can help you avoid motion sickness.

1. When you plan to travel, make sure that you avoid eating high fat and high acid foods before you actually ride on a ship or a plane. Fatty and acidic foods add up to the feeling of nausea and these can induce vomiting so if you are prone to motion sickness, stay away from those foods. It is ideal to eat neutral foods such as crackers, cereals, yoghurt, bread, and others a few hours before your travel to help condition your body.

2. Motion sickness can be affected by strong smells too. Before traveling, make sure to avoid wearing strong perfumes. If you are traveling with your friends or family, advise them to refrain from wearing strong smelling perfumes and aftershaves because these may trigger the motion sickness attack.

3. Your choice of seat also affects motion sickness. When traveling in a car, select the seat in the passenger seat at the front where your vision is not impaired. When you have to sit in the back seat, make sure to sit in the middle and look forward. You can also open the windows when your vision is impaired by the people sitting with you to get some fresh air. When traveling by air, select seats in the middle as much as possible. If you are traveling on a ship, opt for the deck and get some fresh air to maintain the balance in your body.

4. Avoid reading when traveling. This will take your vision away from the road and may possibley cause nausea.

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