Healing Products for Diabetes

In order to determine which diabetes healing products is best for you, it is important that you understand which type of diabetes you have.

Type I Diabetes (also called Juvenile Diabetes) is caused by a destruction of the beta cells (cells responsible for glucose production) of the pancreas through an autoimmune process. Autoimmune diseases attack healthy cells in the body. With Type I Diabetes, the body’s immune system destroys beta cells.

Type II Diabetics suffer from a metabolic disorder that resists proper absorption and use of glucose. As the person becomes more resistant to the glucose, the pancreas continues to produce insulin, increasing insulin level in the blood and causing Type II Diabetes.

1. Dietary Supplements
There are some products such as dietary supplements and herbs for diabetes that are used by sufferers of Type II Diabetes. Although studies are not conclusive, there appear to be some benefits to complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). It is essential that your doctor knows about any supplements you are taking as they may affect treatment. CAM’s are not a replacement for proven medical treatment.

The most common nutritional supplements for diabetes that are used are:

– Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) for protection against cell damage
– Chromium, thought to aid in glucose control, is found in some foods in very small amounts
– Polyphenols to assist with vascular health and insulin absorption by the body
– Omega-3 Fatty acids to reduce heart disease caused by Diabetes II; Studies on supplements have been inconclusive and need further research to determine viability for treatment of Type II Diabetes.

2. Insulin
For Type I Diabetes, insulin must be injected daily because the body no longer produces it. Insulin is a long-term diabetes healing product that can be delivered in several ways: injections, pumps and jet injection.

The more common use of needles to inject insulin is also available in pre-filled pens.

The jet injector administers insulin with high pressure rather than a needle.

In severe cases, the patient may use an insulin pump. The pump is connected to a small tube (catheter) that is inserted under the skin and stays there for a period of time (usually a couple days). There are slow acting and fast acting types of insulin, and diabetics usually use a combination of the two to maintain proper levels. The pump is carried outside the body on a belt or in a pocket. Careful monitoring of glucose levels with a glucose meter is essential to insure the correct amount of injected insulin.

3. Diabetes Pills
For patients with either Type II or gestational (pregnancy) diabetes, one or a combination of two/more diabetes pills keep their glucose levels at prescribed levels and serve as diabetes healing products, other than the gestational diabetes diet. It is still necessary to take regular readings of blood glucose levels with a glucose meter to maintain proper insulin. Through careful monitoring, your doctor can determine whether you need to either take more of your prescribed medicine or perhaps add another medicine to reach blood glucose goals.

The need for more or different types of insulin does not indicate that your condition is worsening, rather proving the fact that everybody reacts differently to any given medication. There are many diabetes healing products available and your doctor can help you determine which one works best for you.

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