Healthiest Jobs in the World

Let’s face it, today’s career choices aren’t exactly what you’d call healthy. Little to no physical activity, high stress and anxiety, and little motivation are just few of the many characteristics of modern jobs. Even if you tell yourself that you’re happy and you love what you’re doing, your body may say otherwise.

This isn’t to say that the world is completely devoid of healthy jobs. In fact, there are lots of career options that can help promote a healthier you. Here is a list of all healthy jobs, not including professional athletic sports. While you don’t necessarily have to switch jobs to be one of these, this list would give you some clues on how to make your own job healthier.

Dance Choreographer
Dancing is a healthy physical activity. Although it can be stressful during times of competitions or performances, dancing in itself is a relaxing and fulfilling art that makes you happy if you have the talent and passion. Since this is a physical activity, dance choreographers are in tiptop physical condition. Dance is a full body workout that improves muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, and immune function.

The job of a florist may seem simple and boring for some but it’s actually very rewarding. Being surrounded with beautiful and fragrant blooms is more than enough to release pent-up stress within the body. Not to mention, it makes you move around a lot, getting you to arrange flower designs, check out flower blooms, and interact with customers.

Massage Therapist
As you probably know, massage is terrific in terms of relieving pains and aches in the body, improving blood circulation and aiding in detoxification. If you’re a massage therapist, you’ll know the wonders of massage and would get it as often as needed. The job itself is quite healthy because it is physical work with very little stress. Probably the only stress you’d get from this job is when you have a terrible client, which is something that would rarely happen if you’re a good masseuse.

When you’re a nutritionist, you know what foods are good and bad. With that, you can easily formulate a healthy diet for yourself that will be beneficial to your overall health. Coupled with regular exercise, a healthy diet is the main component to a healthy lifestyle.

Being a professor or teacher can be stressful for some especially if you feel like you’re stuck in the middle of a zoo-like classroom. But that is only if you don’t know how to handle your students well. If you do, you’ll find this work very fulfilling. Being around children makes you feel young, preparing lesson plans will always stimulate your mind, and going to school everyday is always a new experience so you’ll never have that feeling of being stuck.

Even if you’re not a dancer, teacher, florist, nutritionist or masseuse, you can still have a healthy job by reducing workplace stress, squeezing at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day, eating a well-balanced diet, and having a hobby that you love and care about.

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