Healthy Alternatives for Your Sweet Tooth

People love things that are sugary sweet, there’s no doubt about that. Cakes, chocolates, ice cream, pastries – they make the sweet tooth feel like it’s in heaven. Despite the fact that eating sweets can make you happy, it’s not as healthy as you’d like it to be. Fortunately, there’s a way to indulge in sweet treats without harming your health, and that is through sweet but healthy alternatives. Here are the most common switches that you must make today.

No to sweetened ice tea, yes to iced brewed green tea.
Instead of gulping down a flavorful ice tea drink that is loaded with 160 calories and 40 grams of sugar, brew your own green tea. Place it inside the refrigerator and wait for hours before drinking it. Don’t put any more sugar, the flavor in green tea is enough to satisfy you. You may also try other flavors like blueberry pomegranate green tea, mandarin orange green tea, and vanilla caramel black tea. Drinking a homemade iced tea would mean zero calories and better digestion.

Go from ice cream to yogurt
Ice cream is such a pleasure that just imagining it makes your mouth water. But like other sweet treats, it’s also packed with sugar and fats. The better option would be a plain yogurt mixed with berries or cherries for great flavor and a pinch of brown sugar for that heavenly sweet taste. Yogurt is great because it has protein and probiotics that can benefit your health. Switching from ice cream to yogurt cuts down your sugar intake by 20 grams. Best thing about this is that it tastes just as wonderful. Not to mention, you can also benefit from the phytochemicals from the fruits you’re adding to the yogurt.

Ditch the candy bar and opt for dark chocolate
The candy bar is one of life’s biggest temptations. A 2-ounce chocolate bar gives you about 35 grams of sugar. The healthier alternative would be to snack on dark chocolate, which are loaded with antioxidants that effectively protect your body from cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Goodbye fruit salad, hello fruit cocktail
A popular tropical dessert is the fruit salad, which is a mix of different fruit slices mixed with rich creamy dressing. While the part where you get to eat the fruits gives your health a certain edge, it’s important to remember the calories and fats you’re taking in with all the cream that you’re eating. If you remove the cream, the treat would be much healthier. If that won’t work for you because the taste just won’t be the same, opt for a lighter, low fat cream that gives the same creamy goodness minus the fats and high calories.

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