Healthy Eating on a Shoestring Budget: It is Possible!

Some people complain about how expensive healthy eating is. In a way, that is true. If you go inside a grocery or supermarket, you’ll find that healthier items (such as those that have higher fiber content and are fortified with vitamins and minerals) are a lot more expensive than the regular ones. It’s not any different with organic produce, which are almost always double the price of other vegetables and fruits.

So what are you going to do if you don’t have enough budget? Would healthy eating remain a luxury you can’t afford? Or are you going to look for ways to solve this problem? If you choose the latter option, good for you, as there are numerous ways as to how this can be achieved. Check out these pieces of practical information below.

Choose Simple Healthy Recipes
The internet is a good source of recipes that are healthy but easy to cook. These recipe also require few or less expensive ingredients. Stir-fry, pasta, shepherd’s pie, stew, and goulash are just few examples of such dishes. These are definitely much cheaper than full-meat dishes. Dishes that include plenty of vegetables are healthy and cheaper too. Chicken soup with carrots and celery would hurt your pockets and your heart less than fried chicken.

Stay Away From Processed Meals
Processed food items, particularly meat, are convenient but very unhealthy. Not to mention, they are quite expensive as well. A small can of luncheon meat costs almost the same as a kilo of lean ground beef. Not only do they contain lots of fat, they are also packed with chemicals and additives that can clog arteries, promote cancer, and affect your health in a negative way. If you want convenience, cook meals in advance at the start of the week, then freeze them in separate items so that you only have to reheat them every day.

Buy in Bulk
This is ideal for items that have long shelf life. Whole foods like grains, beans, and cereals give you your required dietary fiber intake. At the same time, they can also be purchased in bulk for a lesser price. You’d be doing a favor to your pocket and, at the same time, your health too.

Pick Seasonal Products
Products that are in season are always less expensive than out-of-season produce. This makes sense since the latter has more expensive costs on shipping and cultivation. So, when you’re planning your meals to cook, always check out which fruits and vegetables are in season.

Grow a Garden
Gardening in itself is a healthy activity. It builds muscle strength, improves endurance, strengthens immune resistance, and even boosts the mood. On top of that, it gives you access to organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that would cost a lot if you buy them in the supermarket. Here, you get them for free!

Go Homemade
Everything made at home is much healthier than what you buy outside. The outside world is plagued with additives, preservatives, trans fats, and chemicals that you wouldn’t want to get anywhere near. Instead of buying movie popcorn, make your own with less salt and no butter. Instead of buying soda drinks, create your own soda with the use of soda siphon and charger to ensure that you don’t expose yourself to excessive fructose corn syrup and caffeine. Instead of eating out at fast foods, eat more at home where you can use healthy oils such as canola or olive oil. In the end, it’s not only your heart and health that would thank you but also your pockets.

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