Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Kids

Your kid is about to start schooling and you cannot help but be excited. After all, it’s an important milestone that marks a new chapter in your little one’s life. Apart from buying all the things that he/she needs like bag, uniform, books and school supplies, you also rack your brain trying to figure out what foods to pack for your kid.

Healthy Snacks should be the key words. It is very important that you pack healthy food for your child not only for his/her health and strength but also for doing well at school work. It has been proven that nutritional foods also provide mental stimulation that kids need to excel in academics.

Here are some suggestions that you can start with.

• Whole-wheat tortilla wraps with lean cold cuts or low fat cheese (don’t forget to add a couple of veggie slices like cucumbers or tomatoes)
• Whole grain bread with almond butter and jelly sandwich spread
• Carrot sticks with low-fat dip or dressing like ranch or melted cheddar cheese
• Unsweetened applesauce and a couple of whole grain crackers
• Whole wheat crackers with low fat cheese
• Trail mix composed of cereals, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, dark chocolate morsels, and pretzels
• Low fat yogurt or yogurt smoothies with bite-size fruit chunks like strawberries, kiwi or raspberries
• Burritos with rice and black beans in whole wheat tortilla
• Baked pretzels
• Baked potato chips
• Fruit juices or fruit smoothies without excessive sugar
• Air-popped popcorn sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
• Whole grain bagels with cream cheese and basil spread
• Grilled chicken strips and honey mustard dip

More Tips
Packing healthy snacks for your little one is very easy. Just pick any of these wondrous suggestion and wrap it in a nice little brown bag. The challenge actually lies in making your child eat what you’ve packed. When your kid goes back from school and you find the snack still intact inside his/her lunchbox, you won’t help but feel dismayed. To avoid this, do the following techniques:

• Explain to your child the importance of eating healthy. Enumerate one by one the benefits of healthy diet. These would include increased strength (like his/her favorite superhero), better performance in school (who doesn’t want additional stars, right?), and improved stamina and endurance (playing all day long will be a cinch!). Knowing the effects of healthy eating would make it easier for him/her to love the snacks you are preparing.

• Be healthy at home. It’s not just in school that you should encourage healthy eating. It actually should start at home. Be a good example to your child and eat nutritious diet yourself. Stock up on healthy food items and prepare dishes that are of high nutritional value.

• Give praises and rewards. When your kid comes home from school with an empty lunchbox, shower him/her with compliments. You can also give occasional rewards to reinforce this positive attitude and behavior.

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