Help the Environment, Help Your Health

We should always think about our environment. Mother Nature certainly has taken a toll from man’s destructive ways, from ocean oil spills to nuclear reactor meltdowns. But it’s not yet too late. There are still things that we can do to help our planet.

And did you know that with simple ways of protecting the environment, you’re also helping your health along the way? Take a look at these earth-friendly measures that don’t only give back to the environment but also help improve your well-being.

Be More Physically Active
The best two examples under this tip include climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator, and biking or walking to work instead of driving a car. Ditching the elevator and the car helps reduce consumption of energy that releases harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. By climbing the stairs and walking or bicycling to work, you can help reduce carbon emissions while giving your body a full workout at the same time. These are great ways to squeeze exercise into your otherwise sedentary lifestyle. If you make a habit of doing these things daily, you’ll notice that you are building strength and endurance, improving blood circulation, and lowering the risks of countless health problems.

Eat Organic Produce
Organic foods are raised without the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, which not only harm the environment and cause soil pollution, but also harm your health. By eating organically-grown food items, you’ll have more access to chemical-free nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs to fight diseases and cellular damage.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean
It’s not just the inside of your home we’re talking about. Apart from keeping your house clean, you must also do your share in maintaining the cleanliness outside. Never litter. Even a small candy wrapper thrown into the street or lake can contribute to the growing problem of pollution.

Stop Smoking
Speaking of pollution, smoking is among the top contributors of air pollution in the world. Sure, you’re going to put the blame on large industrial plants that produce harmful chemicals into the air. But if you count the number of smokers around the world and the number of cigarettes each smoker lights up every day, smoking indeed is a major contributor to the air pollution that the environment is currently suffering from. Do your share and quit the nicotine habit for good. This would also help your health and lower the risk of developing various kinds of diseases.

Cultivate Plants
Gardening is a physical activity that doesn’t only benefit the body but also the mind, as it allows you to relax despite the daily stresses you have in life. It’s a good way to avoid stress-related diseases as well as keep your body in good shape and condition. Moreover, it’s very good for the environment since every little plant that you cultivate has a healing effect on your environment.

Take care of Mother Nature, and She will take care of us.

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