Hot Medical Jobs with Good Pay

The medical field is getting busier to keep up with the demand of the times. Hospitals and health care centers continue to be put up in many places to cater to the health needs of the general population. The ratio of health caregivers is overwhelmed by the number of patients seeking medical attention everyday. Physicians and nurses, the well-known health care providers, can no longer do more tasks because they are more focused on the clinical setting and they have loads of work to do. To aid them in all the tasks in the field and to help them in managing the patients, there are emerging careers in the field of health care today, and those jobs are enumerated below.

Health Technologist
These individuals are usually working in the laboratories and they help in treatment and diagnosis of patient’s condition by interpreting laboratory results so physician will know what treatment to start specific to the disease. Health technologists work in the microbiology, hematology and chemistry laboratories of hospitals and medical centers. Their average annual salary can start at $25,350.

Occupational Therapists
These individuals work closely with patients that has physical, mental, emotional and developmental disabilities. Their job is to help patients maintain and improve their daily living activities. Those patients that are suddenly disabled due to accidents or have acquired certain conditions such as stroke can be given therapies to help them recover their ability to perform daily tasks again. There are many types of occupational therapists and examples are physical therapists, speech therapists, psychotherapist, etc. These individuals have competitive salary and they can earn an average of $75,000 annually but it usually depends on their work environment. Those therapists working in the school setting earns lower wages than those working in home health care services.

Medical Assistants
These professionals work in various healthcare setting. Their job is simply to assists physician on varied field. Medical assistants are found in hospitals, dental clinics, school, companies, medical centers, etc. they earn a good deal of money but it will usually depend on where they are working. According to statistics, medical assistants assigned in dental clinics earn more than those in the hospital setting and other fields. Dental clinic medical assistants can earn up to $34,000 annually while those in the hospital earns $30,000.

Medical Transcriptionists
Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical files and edit patient’s record. They usually listen to recordings of patient’s health report and transcribe it so that physicians can review and make use of it as needed. These individuals work in health care setting and some are working at home. To become one, medical transcription course must be taken because the individual needs to learn on medical jargon so it will be easier for them to transcribe. The following documents that MT transcribes are: patient medical history, progress notes, diagnostic and laboratory reports, physical examination results, discharge summaries, etc. MT can earn up to $20 per hour depending on what setting he or she is working.

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