How Almond Aids in Weight Loss

Are almonds now considered as power foods to help zap those fats out? Almonds are originally known to have a very high fat content that is why dieters veer away at the sight of it. But did you know that it is a healthy nut fat?

What’s in a Nut Fat?
A cup of almonds contains around 22-28 grams of protein that is equivalent to taking 4 to 5 servings of protein. It supplies around 600 calories. Notice that it contains a hefty amount of fat, amounting to 50 grams. But this type of fat is not like the ones found in red meat, which poses health problems for you. Since it is from a plant source, the nut fat is categorized under monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. This type of fat lowers the bad cholesterol or the LDL. It also reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes and heart attack. This nut is also packed with vitamin E, copper and folic acid. It is also very rich in antioxidant phytochemicals, which boosts up the body’s immune system.

Almond, a Dieter’s Dream
Aside from the benefits they contribute to your health, almonds are quite great tasting too. Incorporating them in your diet program will make you stick to dieting longer. Since the key to a successful weight loss program is consistency, having an on-and-off diet sabotages your goal. When you feel deprived, you might have the urge to cheat on your diet. If you are incorporating a serving or two of almond in your menu plan, you might feel like you are not dieting at all. And this would deal with the deprivation that you might be feeling at times.

Since almonds are rich in protein too, this health nut might take the place of that red meat that you thought is the only source of protein. A diet adequate in protein aids in weight loss programs. Muscle development hastens the metabolism, thus making it possible to burn fat faster. Almonds are packed with fiber too. This will help you feel fuller longer, therefore avoiding any instances of binging and lessening the total calories you are taking for the day.

If you are a junk food lover, the crispness and great taste of almonds could replace that craving that you are having at times. Enjoy munching with lesser calories and lesser saturated fat.

Even if almonds are packed with lots of nutrients and fiber, you still have to remember that it still has calories. And consuming excess calories won’t help at all in your desire to lose weight and fat. So one important key to remember, don’t overindulge. Consuming more servings of almonds would mean that you also have to cut down a little on the other foods that you eat. Remember, too much of a good thing is also bad, especially if it has calories too. So the best thing to do, eat in moderation.

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