How Do You Know If You’re Working Out Too Much?

Exercising is good for your health. It increases your strengthen, boosts your stamina, circulates your blood, makes you feel good, and improves your overall health. But as you know, too much of a good thing is bad. If you exercise excessively, it’s possible to harm your health.

Over exercising or compulsive exercising is a condition described as a compulsion to exercise excessively every day. One of the dangers linked to excessive exercising is eating disorders. Not to mention, those who over exercise can also experience physical health problems and undergo depression.

According to studies, more than 90 percent of women suffering from bulimia nervosa exercise to compensate their binge eating. These women exercise compulsively because of their strong desire for thinness. Their desire to exercise comes from their dissatisfaction with their appearance or with their life in general and not from the pleasure that they get when they’re engaged in physical activity.

Signs and Symptoms
So how do you know when your exercise routine is not normal anymore? Here are some signs and symptoms:

• Elevated resting heart rate
• Insomnia
• Extreme fatigue and lethargy
• Deterioration in physical appearance
• Amenorrhea (loss of menstrual periods)
• Reproductive problems

Another way to know if you’re over exercising is to talk to a fitness expert. Ask him/her to formulate a healthy workout routine for a week. See if you can stick to that. If you find it hard to limit your exercise to the instructions given or if you find it hard to stop even when the routine workout provided is finished, it’s a sign that you’re suffering from compulsive exercising. It would also seem as if you’re addicted to exercising. It’s like your day will not be complete if you’re not able to exercise during most parts of the day. And even when you’re already very tired, you still go on and push yourself to the limit. Here are more signs that can raise a red flag:

• You exercise even when you’re sick
• When you wake up in the morning, exercise is the first thing that comes into your mind
• You become overly afraid of gaining weight if you missed even just one day of exercise
• You cancel dates with family or friends just so you can exercise more
• You feel irritable or depressed when you miss exercise
• You work out whatever the weather is, even when there is thunderstorms
• You crave for that feeling of “high” that exercise gives you
• Losing weight is your priority over maintaining a healthy weight

Is it possible to prevent over exercising? The answer is yes and the first thing you should do is to slow down. You must control yourself from exercising intensely seven days a week. Do remember that rest is just as important as the actual workout. You exercise then rest, you exercise again and rest again. Rest enables your body to heal from the stresses you get from whatever physical activity you’ve engaged in. It’s also a must to see a doctor if you’re not anymore able to control your urges to exercise.

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