How Global Warming Has Affected Our Health

The issue of environmental degradation has caused different nations to come together and search for ways to impair the harmful effects of the destruction to people and the world at large. The Kyoto protocol has long been implemented by the United Nations to address various issues related to climate change. Now that a number of humongous natural disasters have already taken their toll on countries such as Haiti, New Zealand and Japan, people are becoming more aware and driven to advocate for environmental protection and preservation to minimize the negative aftermath of these catastrophes. A number of eco-friendly principles and methods are now being implemented to contribute to the cause of “going green”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report on the effects of global warming, stating that around a million and fifty thousand deaths happen annually as a result of global warming. WHO also stated that every year, around five million people suffer from health problems and illnesses caused by climate change. Researchers and scientists were led to probe into the problem and prepare a plan to save human civilization from the looming onslaught in the future.

Indeed, global warming has led to changes in temperature, sea levels, ocean current flows, economy, ecosystem, industry, agriculture and weather patterns. A warmer planet has created congenial atmosphere for the proliferation and life expansion of different virus, bacteria and other carriers of infectious diseases, causing more health threats to humans as listed here:

1. Higher temperatures have led to heat waves that increasingly kill more people.

2. Seasonal distribution of allergenic pollen species has changed, resulting in more people suffering longer from allergic reactions such as hay fever and allergic asthma.

3. Global warming has created extreme conditions such as droughts, storms, floods, heat wave, cold wave and wildfires that increase injuries illnesses and death tolls.

4. The distribution of infectious diseases has been altered and increased throughout the years, and an increase in the incidence of malaria, dengue, cholera, encephalitis, diarrhea and other diseases has taken place especially in the third world countries.

5. Malnutrition and disordered development in children population newly began or worsened.

6. Constant increase in mortality rate is expected because of the ground level ozone related diseases and cardio respiratory illnesses.

Global warming needs to be addressed immediately before they get worse. In confronting an impending onslaught, proper planning and implementation of plans as well as organized adaptation must be carried out in order to achieve success.

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