How Men Can Cope With Depression Caused by Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) refers to the receding of a man’s hairline accompanied by thinning hair at the crown. This is the most common reason for baldness in men. Because hair significantly contributes to the way we look, a male unwillingly experiencing baldness can suffer depression. Knowing how to deal with this kind of depression is important in order to maintain a healthy disposition.

The Problem of Pattern Baldness Depression in Men
Pattern baldness can be caused by several factors. It might be genetics, hormones or something with cells responsible for the production of new hair. Although pattern baldness does not lead to serious physical health risks, it can affect men emotionally. For some men, baldness can be distressing, especially to those who place great value on their appearance.

A receding hairline can be cause for embarrassment and self-consciousness. Distress over a receding hairline can sometimes turn to depression. A depressed male will then feel especially unattractive and inferior. He may avoid society for fear that his baldness will become the butt of jokes. Depression can severely affect a male’s quality of life. If he is unable to deal with the depression, his physical health may ultimately be affected.

Dealing with Pattern Baldness
Because this kind of depression is primarily caused by pattern baldness, most treatments men look for focus on correcting hair loss. Common hair loss treatments include the use of herbs and other natural supplements to decrease hair loss, surgical treatment and Propecia® for pattern baldness in men. Surgical treatment for hair loss refers to hair transplants. Propecia® for male pattern baldness is a medication (generically known as finasteride). In studies involving this drug, nine out of ten men showed positive results, effectively reducing hair loss.

Dealing with Depression
To combat depression and stress caused by male pattern baldness, self-help activities are suggested. These activities include regular exercise, sharing and communication, self-care and volunteering activities. Regularly exercising helps relax both body and mind. It also keeps one from having to think stressful thoughts by focusing on the exercise routine. Being able to share one’s thoughts and worries always lightens one’s emotional burdens. Thus, it is always a wise decision to confide one’s thoughts and unburden one’s mind.

Engaging in a recreational interest or doing something that one is passionate about also helps combat stress and depression. For a man, it is always wise to keep in mind that going bald is not a signal for ending enjoyment in life. There are always other aspects of him to consider, not only the amount of hair on his head.

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