How Much Are Dental Implants?

Overview of Dental Implant Procedure
Dental implants restore missing teeth with results as natural as possible functionally and in appearance. A full surgical team performs the implant procedure. After the dental implant, it takes 3-6 months to heal. After the healing, a crown will be covered over the implant. The implant is permanent; the crown will have to be replaced after few years.

Who Qualifies To Perform Dental Implants?
– Prosthodontist: A prosthodontist specializes in performing dental implants and other restorative procedures. To become a prosthodontist, a person must finish a three-year program in this specialized field and pass the board-certified exam. You may ask your dentist about his/her training, or you may check with American College of Prosthodontists.

– Graduate of Dental School: Any graduate of an accredited dental school is qualified to perform dental implants. Dentists are allowed to list themselves as prosthodontists in some states, without any additional training beyond regular dental college.

Rough Estimate of Dental Implants
Typically, the basic implants cost $1,250-$3,000 each, and the total cost can be as much as $15,000-$30,000 depending on:
– location
– complexity
– need for gum restoration
– need for bone restoration: titanium screw/post is surgically implanted into the jaw bone.

Breakdown of Dental Implant Costs
Make sure you ask about the costs of the individual items listed here:
– cost of surgery
– cost of anesthesia
– cost of post/screw
– cost of crown
– cost of synthetic bone, if used
– cost of office visits
– cost of X-Rays

Financing Dental Implants
Many dentists provide financing because most dental insurance plans do not cover implants.

Discounts – Dental Colleges
Many dental colleges offer discounts for dental implants performed by faculty members in a class/demonstration.
Here is the List of US Dental Schools by geography.

Discounts – Low Income Patients
Partial payment program is offered to low-income patients by some members of American Dental Association.

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