How Playing A Musical Instrument Can Boost Your Health

People play musical instruments for different reasons. Some do it for fun and relaxation. Some want to make a career out of it. Others want to be in touch with culture or musical artistry. But it is hardly ever for health reasons. That’s because it’s not common knowledge that musical instruments can boost one’s health. If you’re a bit skeptic on this claim, read on and find out how this is possible.

Stress Reliever
A study made by Dr. Barry Bittman of the Mind-Body Wellness Center located in Meadville, PA revealed that playing a musical instrument can significantly reverse different components of the human stress. Engaging in a calming activity that is also pleasurable and enjoyable can dramatically lower the stress levels in the body, inhibiting the release of harmful stress toxins that can weaken one’s immune system. Music in itself is already relaxing, and being able to express yourself creatively can soothe even the busiest minds.

Calorie Burner
Playing some instruments such as guitar or drums can help you burn fats. Of course, this would have to depend on several factors like person’s body weight, the amount of time spent playing the instrument, and whether the person is sitting or standing. An individual weighing 145 pounds can burn almost 300 calories playing the guitar for one hour in a standing position. A 180 pound individual engaged in the same activity can burn as much as 350 calories. Not only do you get relaxed, you can also use this as a good workout. When you’re physically fit, you can do better in staying away from health problems including heart diseases, hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

Brain Booster
It has also been found that playing an instrument can stimulate many areas of the brain. An example would be the area of the brain responsible for coordination. Most instruments require mind and hand coordination. Examples are piano and guitar. For piano for instance, coordination is enhanced when the person playing this instrument moves his/her fingers across the keyboard while reading notes from the piece. Each of the two hands plays independently while your brain is instructing them what keys to press.

A neurological research supports the claim that musical instruments can boost the brain. This study conducted in 1997 revealed the piano students fared better in mathematics and science in school. A group of preschoolers who received private piano lessons aced math and science better than the group who received private computer lessons. Those engaged in piano training were 34 percent higher in spatial-temporal ability than those who did not.

Playing musical instruments obviously doesn’t just benefit one aspect of a person’s health. It can benefit both the physical, mental and emotional health. On top of these, any person can learn to play an instrument. It’s not something that only children can do. Even adults can start learning to play piano, guitar or whatever it is to their liking. As they say, learning is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to learn anything.

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