How to Calm Your Racing Mind

If you’re the type whose mind never slows down, even in those moments that you want to and need to calm down, then you should get control of it and learn to relax without losing your focus.

We live in a society today where stress levels are on their all-time high. Fast-paced lifestyle, workaholic nature, technological advancements, and strong desire to succeed all contribute to high stress levels. Distractions, too, are everywhere that focusing and having that peace of mind at the same time can be a major challenge. In order to calm your psyche, try these relaxation techniques. These would benefit both your physical and mental health by inhibiting the harmful impact of stress toxins in the body.

Breathing Exercise
Deep breathing is the primary way to calm down quickly. It distracts you from stressful thoughts that have been nagging in your head.

To do this, you may either lie down or sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Focus on your nostrils where the air enters the nose. Notice how cold the air is coming in your nose. Then slowly take a deep breath and hold it for a second. Breathe out slowly through the nose. Take note how warm the air coming out from your nostrils is.

Do this technique repeatedly until you’re able to let go of your stressful thoughts. This breathing technique works by reducing the heart rate, which helps a great deal when you feel agitated. It also expels the carbon dioxide as well as lowers blood pressure.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Developed by American doctor Edmund Jacobson in 1939, the progressive muscle relaxation has been recognized as an effective relaxation technique that reduces the muscular tension that typically accompany stress and anxiety.

The first step would be to lie down or sit comfortably. Then work on to relax and release the tension from the hands by extending the fingers and relaxing the fists. Drop your arms slowly to release tension from the biceps and triceps. Pull shoulders back and relax. Push shoulders forward and relax. Turn your head slowly to the right and to the left, then relax. Bend your neck forward slowly so that your chin touches your chest.

Relax. Open the mouth and close it then relax. Close your eyes tightly and open them widely then relax. Take a deep breath and exhale. Do this for 15 seconds. Push your body forward then relax. Tense the butt tightly and raise pelvis slightly. Relax. Raise the legs a little higher off the floor then bring them down and relax.

See how there is a step of relaxing after each release of tension. Mastering this technique can do wonders for your stressful life.

Massage Therapy
This one doesn’t require any action from you other than searching for an efficient and well-trained massage therapist. Massage provides deep relaxation, removing the tension in the muscles. It also works to calm an overstressed mind. Visiting a spa every once in a while can help you reap the benefits of massage. Swedish massage is the most common form of massage therapy. But you can also explore other varieties like hot stone massage, Shiatsu massage and Thai massage.

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