How to Gain Weight: Effective Guide for Skinny People

There is so much hype about losing weight – Hollywood stars promoting diets to shed off those unwanted pounds, the media glorifying all products geared towards weight loss, and people talking about losing weight as if that’s all there is to life.

Now, what about people who want to gain weight? They don’t get as much attention, right? That’s probably because most people think that gaining weight is much easier. In a way, yes, since eating more can be more fun than controlling your diet, at least for most people. But skinny people also don’t have it that easy either. Some of them have a metabolism that runs so fast the calories they take in are burned even before these calories realize that they’re already inside a person’s body.

To improve your chances on packing up some pounds, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Increase Caloric Intake
This makes sense since more calories mean more pounds. But some people just don’t know which foods to take in to make this quest possible. Well for one, you should stock up on whole-grain breads, vegetables like potatoes and kidney beans, red meat, poultry, and fish.

You can also add caloric value to the food you eat by adding a dash of this and that. For instance, you can add powdered milk to dishes like casseroles or pot roast. You can throw in a slice of avocado or potato to your sandwich. You can include wheat germ to your cereal or have more chopped meat on you pasta.

Say No To Meal Skipping
Gaining weight involves eating sufficient meals during the day. Start with a big breakfast. In the morning, prepare yourself a healthy breakfast that includes cereal with wheat germ, a slice of fruit, and a glass of milk. Then work your way towards lunch. Make sure that you munch on a good amount of veggies. Before the evening dinner arrives, make time for plenty of small snacks that are healthy and high in calories.

Chill Out
It is a common knowledge that stress can burn up a lot of calories. So if you want to gain some weight, you better relax and chill out. Don’t be restless all the time. Calm and soothe your mind with effective relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, massage and aromatherapy. Not only would you gain some weight through relaxation, you can also stay away from stress-related diseases, which include hypertension, heart disease and cancer.

Still in line with this, avoid working too hard. Physical activity is not the only thing that can make you lose weight but also is brain activity. Should you find it difficult to lower down the workload, the least you can do is to find time to rest and relax.

Lift Weights
Lifting weights is a good way to add pounds into your body. This is because it helps build muscle mass. Toning up would also make you look fit and healthier. Just make sure that you consult a professional gym instructor for a weight lifting program to avoid injury.

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