How To Grow Taller Naturally Before, During and After Puberty

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How To Grow Taller Naturally Before and During Puberty
How To Grow Taller by Sleeping
How To Grow Taller by Eating Calcium and Protein
How To Grow Taller through Sun Exposure
How To Grow Taller with Flat Tummy
How To Grow Taller by Drinking Water
How To Grow Taller Naturally After Puberty and In Adulthood
How To Grow Taller by Sleeping – Yes, This Still Works!
How To Grow Taller with Healthy Diet, Lighter Weight and Flat Tummy
How To Grow Taller by Drinking Water – Yes, This Still Works!
How To Grow Taller with Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Growing taller can give you physical and psychological advantages of looking and feeling good and successful. Genetics most influentially determines how tall you are. If your parents or grandparents are tall, then you will most likely be tall. Aside from genetics, there are other factors that can help you grow to become that tall person you picture in your mind. Although there is no magical formula to make you tall instantly, there are many natural ways to eliminate hindrances and help you get taller pretty quickly at any age. (for growth hormone therapy, see: Growth Hormone Deficiency & How To Grow Taller through Growth Hormone Therapy)

Growing up, you must be desiring to become that tall and attractive person, your mind often racing with questions like “How can I grow tall fast?… How long will I have to wait until I’m actually tall enough? … How tall would I be when I’m all grown up?…Would I be taller than my dad?… What can I do about it?”. You can actually do something about this getting-tall business. Here are natural ways to reach or exceed your maximum potential height:

To get tall while growing up before and during puberty, you are always advised to sleep sufficiently, since growth hormone is mainly released during sleep and you need this hormone to get tall. Also, you must avoid smoking, drugs, and other industrial chemicals because these harmful chemicals can easily ruin the growth hormone’s efforts to make you taller.

Another way to get taller is by eating a high-calcium and high-protein diet to supply sufficient materials for bones and muscles. Calcium is a vital mineral that develops bones and keeps them strong, which consequently makes your body get taller. Good sources of calcium include low fat dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, and also other foods like beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, nuts, sardines, spinach and tofu. You can also get this mineral from calcium supplements. By enjoying this variety of calcium-rich foods, you don’t only ensure that you’ll get taller, but you also ensure that your overall health is at its best. Protein is a major component of all muscles, tissues and organs, which support your bones all over the body. Good sources of protein are tofu, cheese, yogurt, nuts, eggs, soy milk, fish, poultry, lean meats, peanut butter, lentils & other legumes, and grains including bread and pasta.

Now, absorbing the calcium that you’ve consumed is just as important as consuming it. To help your body effectively absorb calcium, you must also get sufficient vitamin D, which the body manufactures with exposure to the sun. So get yourself enough sunlight to get taller, but at the same time protect your skin from VU harms by avoiding the sun’s hottest hours (10AM ~ 4PM).

Having a flat tummy is also important for you to get taller. If you have a large, heavy tummy, gravity pulls it forward and downward, compressing your torso, ruining your posture, pressuring your spine, risking your back injury, and thus hindering your goal of getting tall. To reduce tummy fat, you will have to eat a healthy diet of mainly calcium and protein, and less carb, fat and sugar. Also you will have to burn fat and calories regularly with daily exercises or sports.

Keep yourself properly hydrated to grow and remain tall, because our body is 70% water and we depend on it to get tall and healthy. Our bones are 22% water, so drink up.

It is possible for an adult of any age to get taller. The secret is in your spine which consists of 33 separate bones (vertebras) and accounts for 35% of your total height. Each separate vertebra (spinal bone) is connected and cushioned by a tough, elastic and fibrous cartilage called intervertebral disc. You can get taller by 2 to surprising 5 inches by keeping these intervertebral disks elastic, strong and stretched, through maintaining good sleep, good postures, and regular spinal exercises.

Good sleep is helpful not only for kids to get taller, but also for adults in gaining few inches by countering the stressful gravitational compression effects on the spine. Astronauts have experienced that they got taller by 2 to 4 inches after spending days in the space. We on earth, too, experience this zero-gravity effect on our spine every night while lying horizontally on our beds. In the morning after a good long night’s sleep, some of us are taller by as much as 2 staggering inches!

Just like for kids, healthy diet and flat tummy are also important for adults to get taller. The flatter and lighter your tummy is, the less weight your spine has to support, and the tighter and more upward postures you can maintain whether you are standing, sitting or walking. Upright postures, in the meanwhile, are not only good for you in general in preventing and curing any chronic fatigue, tension and muscle aches, but they can also instantly add about 1 or 2 inches to your height, depending on how bad your posture has been so far. In addition, the good side effects of the upright posture are that you’ll feel and appear much more confident, energetic and attractive.

To get taller and remain tall even when you are an adult, you need to keep yourself properly hydrated, because significant portion of your body is still water. Your intervertebral discs, too, are mainly water. So drink plenty of water. However, avoid as much as possible drinking other beverages like coffee/caffeine (diuretic effect causes calcium loss through urine), soft drinks (excessive phosphorous content causes bone loss), alcohol (inhibits calcium absorption), carbonated beverages (drops bone density).

Stretching and strengthening exercises for your spine and its surrounding muscles can further help you get taller. You can literally stretch and strengthen all 32 of your intervertebral disks simply by hanging from a bar, which not only frees your spine from the gravitational stress, but also adds and maintains 2 to 4 amazing inches to your height. Here are some of these stretching and strengthening exercises:

1) Hanging
Simply hang from a bar. Keep doing this hanging exercise, and it will stretch and strengthen your spin, helping you get taller in a very healthy way.

2) Downward Stretching
Start by stretching your arms straight up to the sky, and then slowly bend your whole upper body and your arms downwards until your fingers touch your toes. Keep your legs as straight as possible, but you may bend your knees just a little to avoid pain and excessive pulling.

3) Legs Up Backwards
Rest on your tummy and pull your legs up while keeping them straight.

4) Down Hill
Stretch your arms straight behind your body, then slowly bend your upper body at your waste downward, then raise your arms towards the ceiling.

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