How to Prepare Yourself for a Good Night Sleep

For some people, getting that much needed slumber isn’t that easy. It’s not true that the more exhausted you are, the quicker it is to doze off. Sometimes, when your body is overly tired, it’s even harder to fall asleep. Preparing yourself for a good night sleep is necessary to ensure that you’ll have the kind of rest you need to recharge yourself for the next day. Here are what you need to do:

Soak on a Warm Bath
The body’s temperature drops naturally when nighttime arrives. The dip starts two hours before you sleep and plummets around 4 am and 5 am, according to a study done by the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical center in 1997. When you take a warm bath, the body’s temperature rises and the cool-down period you get afterwards would immediately soothe you. This is why, it’s recommended to soak in the tub for about 30 minutes two hours before you go to bed. This would help put you in deep sleep.

Use a Dimmer Switch
When nighttime falls, the body releases the chemical called melatonin, which signals the brain that it’s time to rest and cues the body to prepare for sleep. Sometimes, the melatonin is thrown out of whack when it doesn’t receive the right cues from the environment such as where there are still a lot of lights on. If you install a dimmer switch in your bedroom, you can begin to transition to dark at around 9 pm by gradually dimming the lights.

Ditch the Stimulants
Caffeine is on top of the list of stimulants that can keep you up all night. Even if you get your cup of Joe as early as lunchtime, you can still have difficulties sleeping since the caffeine can stay in your system for up to nighttime. It’s best that you avoid drinking coffee altogether to avoid having trouble with sleep. But if you must, make it your morning drink so that hopefully, it leaves your system before it’s time to hit the bed. Stay away from other caffeinated beverages too like soda and energy drinks.

Impose an Electronic Curfew
Lit screens from electronic devices are another stimulant that can mess up your melatonin levels. It’s never a good idea to leave the television on while you try to fall asleep. Electronic devices stimulate the mind and make it a struggle for you to rest. Impose an electronic curfew. An hour or two before hitting the sack, stop using any electronic device. Instead, do something that can calm the mind such as reading a book or listening to soft music.

Keep Your Feet Warm
Many people find it hard to fall asleep because of cold feet. This can be resolved with a pair of socks. This is ideal especially during the winter time when the blankets aren’t enough to keep you warm. The extra layer you use can even help improve blood circulation that can help induce good quality sleep.

Don’t Eat Too Much Before Bedtime
A big meal right before you go to bed can mean overtime work for your digestive system. This would make your body stay up longer than you want. It’s not a smart move to drink alcohol during dinner either. Even though it can make you drowsy, it will disrupt your sleep patterns and hinder you from getting the restorative REM sleep that you need. Not only that, if you drink or eat a lot before you go to bed, you’ll be getting up several times in the middle of the night to answer the call of nature.

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