How to Stop Farting

It’s always embarrassing to let a loud one rip when you’re in a public place. If you’ve got a gas problem, don’t fret. Here are a few simple ways to deal with flatulence. Follow these tips and you can reduce the amount of gas that you release.

Garlic and Ginger
It may sound icky, but this solution will get it done. The next time that you feel gassy, pound a clove of garlic and mix the extracted juice with some ginger. Combine this with lukewarm water. Wait for a few minutes. Problem solved.

Baking Soda Solution
You’ll be amazed that one easy remedy for flatulence is a common household ingredient. Dissolve baking soda in one cup of water. Squeeze the juice from one lemon into the solution. Add a little salt. Voila, another effective home remedy for flatulence.

Flatulence can be a result of constipation. If you haven’t been able to go the bathroom in a while, get some tamarind. Get a cup of water and squeeze the tamarind into it. Add some sugar. If you’re diabetic however, you should definitely look for another home remedy for your farting.

This spice can also give you some relief from flatulence. Get some turmeric and grind it until it becomes a powder. Combine it with a bit of salt. Next, pour the mixture into lukewarm water. Drink up to keep from farting. You can also try eating raw turmeric with your meals. Make sure to chop it up into very fine pieces before you eat it. You can also add a little bit of lemon juice to the turmeric. Turmeric promotes digestion, which will help you get rid of your flatulence.

Bishop’s Weed
This plant is a pest in many gardens, but it can also be a useful remedy for flatulence. Get some seeds of Bishop’s weed and add some lemon to it. You should end up with a paste. You can then take the paste whenever you feel that you’re about to fart.

This is something that you won’t have to eat. First make sure that you can get some fresh asafetida. Next, grind it until it forms a paste. Place the paste onto some cotton. Put the cotton on your navel. This will help you to release gas and avoid flatulence. Many people swear by this home remedy.

All you need to do is add some castor oil to a glass of warm milk. Whenever you feel a rumble in your stomach that feels like it’s gas, drink a glass of this concoction. You’ll soon find much-needed relief.

Fennel Seeds
Take five teaspoonfuls of fennel seeds and roast them. Then grind the roasted fennel seeds into a powder. Add a corresponding amount of sugar. Next, mix in an equivalent amount of psyllium seed or Isphagula. Take two teaspoonfuls three times a day. Doing this will aid in digestion, cool down your stomach, and help prevent flatulence.

Try a few of these home remedies in order to get rid of flatulence.

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