Ideal Summer Activities for Kids with ADHD

Summer is a great season. It’s the perfect time to go outdoors, take trips, and hang out at the beach. However, it can also mean boredom especially for children with ADHD.

ADHD, which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, refers to a spectrum of behavior problems associated with poor attention span and excessive energy. If your kid has this condition, it’s essential that you are able to structure his summer in such a way that he will find it fun and fulfilling. Here are some suggested activities you can try with your little one.

Nature Exploration
Bring your child to a campground, park or forest for a camping and hiking adventure. This is a great way to introduce the environment to your child and teach him the importance of nature conservation. Some local state parks also have summer activities for children. You and your child can partake in camping activities like hiking, trekking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and fishing. All these outdoor activities would not only engage your child but also give him opportunities for close encounter with nature’s best gifts.

Arts and Crafts
Another great idea is to plan a trip to the local hobby or craft store. Let your child choose an age-appropriate arts and crafts activity. Some of these stores even offer art lessons for children that are not only great for enhancing artistic skills and inciting the creative imagination but also for building social skills. You can also do the art lesson at home. Go online to find some exciting ideas for crafts that you can do with your child. See to it that you choose something that is easy and quick to do. Something complicated and overbearing may not be ideal for your child’s short attention span.

There are plenty of sports that your child can try during summer. Children naturally love competition, but make sure he keeps it friendly at all times. Contact local park or recreation department to find out what kinds of sporting activities are offered. Some of the sports that can provide the best workout for the body include basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball and soccer. Your child will also enjoy meeting new friends during these activities.

If your child is old enough to have a summer job, you may want to enlist him in a simple part-time volunteering job. This will teach him the value of helping others and not asking anything in exchange. It also builds his self-esteem as well as giving him something truly worthwhile to do.

It can also be a wonderful time to take a trip with your child and the entire family to a destination you’ve all been dreaming to visit. It could be a beach at the tropics or a theme park. Whatever the destination is, plan your trip right to ensure that your kid will have a fun and meaningful bonding time with the family. You can also make the trip educational by visiting historic and science museums, art venues, and so on.

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