Importance of Insect Repellents

Although all insect repellents serve the same purpose, they do not share the same characteristics. There are different types of insect repellents. Some insect repellents are made out of synthetic resources, and some are natural repellents.

Synthetic VS. Natural
Synthetic repellents are more effective than natural products. Natural, such as plant based repellents, products evaporate easily into the air making it less effective. A study conducted showed that synthetic repellents gave 2 hours of 100% repellency compared to natural products that gives 30 to 60 minutes 100% repellency only. However, natural products are not discouraged from using; some claim that these products are safer to the skin than the synthetic ones. Most synthetic repellents use the chemical Deet, while lemon and eucalyptus are popular among natural based products.

How Repellents Work
Insect repellents work by giving off unwanted smell. Insects like the smell of the human skin. When insect repellents are applied, the insects are less likely to be attracted to your scent. Some insect repellents work by making your skin distasteful to the insects. Aside from the skin, insects are also attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale. You can see insects surrounding you but this does not mean that they are biting you. They are just getting close as much as possible because they find carbon dioxide to be tasteful.

Benefits of Repellents
Insect repellents are important because it protects an individual from acquiring certain diseases that insects can transmit. Insect repellents are used to prevent dengue fever, malaria, west nile virus, lime disease and bubonic plague. The outdoors and pets are two of the most leading vectors for flea, fly, mosquito and tick. Insect repellents are also important to avoid allergic reactions. Insect bites can cause rashes, itchiness, hives, bruises, blisters and other severe inflammatory responses. To help prevent these things, an insect repellent is used. It is important to wear insect repellents 30 to 45 minutes before a person goes outdoors. One should also reapply insect repellents every two hours because the effects ward off by then.

Although people are aware of the importance of repellents, most people just take its use for granted. Some people do not even know how to apply insect repellents. One needs to use it all day long to prevent insect bites. One should also know that insects are most likely to bite at dusk and dawn. Staying away from outdoors at these specific times will help you prevent insect bites. These are highly effective and inexpensive ways to stay away from diseases.

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