Instill Healthy Eating Habits in your Kids

If you’re having trouble feeding your child with healthy food, don’t be alarmed. You are one of the many parents around the world who experience the same problem. Child experts say that only 3 out of 10 children willingly and happily munch on their veggies. The other 7, meanwhile, would either take hours of convincing or wouldn’t budge at all. Needless to say, instilling healthy eating habits in children can be a challenge. But nobody said it’s impossible. To do this, here are some pointers that can prove to be helpful in your quest to make your child eat more healthily.

Discuss the food pyramid
Kids are smart and they don’t want to be told what to do. They want to know the logic behind your orders and why they should follow them. For this reason, do them a big favor and discuss the food pyramid. The food pyramid is a simple illustration of foods that should be eaten in large, medium and small quantities. On the bottommost part of the pyramid, which is the largest quantity area, you’ll find the bread, pasta, cereal, rice and whole grain food items. Next in line are the fruit and vegetable groups. Milk, yogurt, dairy as well as the meat, poultry, fish and nuts are on the next category. On the topmost part are fats, sugar and oil, which should be consumed sparingly. By teaching your kid the value of each food group and what each can do for his health, it would be much easier for him to start eating healthily.

Stock up on healthy food
A refrigerator or cupboard filled with sugary snacks, greasy dishes and processed food items can be a big temptation for your child. If you want your kid to adopt healthy eating habits, you need to stock up on healthy food. That’s because children are more likely to eat what’s available at home. When they get used to a healthy diet at home, they will bring that lifestyle with them wherever they go. In line with this, it is also imperative that you set a good example for your child. It won’t make sense to fill the cupboard with luscious fruits if you, yourself, won’t even touch one. You can’t expect your child to love healthy food if you don’t eat them yourself. Observational learning is also a key in instilling healthy eating habits.

Create a positive environment
Eating should be a worthwhile activity for your kid. Fighting in front of the dinner table or punishing your child when he doesn’t eat his veggies would make mealtime unpleasant. Not only would he lose appetite on healthy food, he would lose appetite on the whole concept of eating. As a parent, you have to cultivate a positive environment at home, particularly in the dining room to reinforce your child’s healthy eating habits. Don’t be frugal on praises. When you see your child choosing healthy food, shower him with compliments. On the other hand, don’t nag him when he opts for unhealthy food. Instead, redirect him towards a healthier option.

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