Is it Possible to Grow Any Taller After Puberty?

There has always been societal pressure about growing tall, as if confidence is bequeathed only to those who towers above the rest.

While this isn’t necessarily true, still many would prefer to grow as tall as possible. In fact, it is a common question if it is possible to grow any taller, even after puberty.

It has always been a common knowledge that increase in height only occurs during puberty, which can also be described as a roller coaster of emotions. After that, growing taller is put to a halt and you’d only see changes in your height by losing it when bones shrink and deteriorate as you age.

However! Recent studies suggest that it is possible to increase your height for about 2 to 4 inches at ANY age. How can that happen? Try these techniques that others claim to be effective and see if they work for you too.

Stretching Exercises
One of the most effective ways to increase height after puberty is through stretching exercises. The spine doesn’t only determine your posture but your physical height as well. The longer your spine is, the taller you will be. Perform stretching exercises that would elongate and improve flexibility of your spine.

The spine comes with thirty-three spinal discs. These aren’t connected to each other but are kept in place by ligaments and tissues. The soft tissues in between those spinal discs act as cushion, absorbing the daily impacts your spine incurs everyday.

Stretching exercises would increase the flow of blood in your back. This would make the spinal discs more elastic and increase in height would become more possible.

Inversion Therapy
Another possible way to increase height is through the use of inversion therapy. This involves hanging upside down using an inversion device. It was designed for therapeutic benefits, particularly for relieving lower back pains.

It is important to note however that it doesn’t have scientific proof of effectiveness either for increasing height or alleviating pain. Proponents of this therapy say that it increases height by relieving pressure on the spinal discs and nerve roots. It also aligns the spine properly and makes it more flexible. Before using this therapy, it is important to consult your doctor as this has some major health risks particularly for people with heart diseases, high blood pressure, eye diseases, and so on.

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