Junking Junks – Tips To Help Your Child Lose Weight

The number of obesity cases in children is increasing at an alarming rate. Nowadays, you could find a great number of children looking ten or twenty pounds more than their ideal weight. The reliance on comfort foods, the parents not being there to prepare their children’s meals, and inactivity all contribute to the problem.

And there’s nothing cute about children who look like their skin is about to burst. Rather, there’s a reason for concern. Obesity, everybody knows, can result in diabetes and hypertension among others, and so preventing obesity helps to ward off the development of chronic diseases.

To stop obesity, kids need to lose weight, and there are two areas you can focus on to help your kid get down to his or her ideal weight – food and activity!

If you want to help your kid lose weight, junk junks. Junk foods are exactly that – junk. They are loaded with empty calories and have no nutritional value. The artificial additives may cause allergic reactions, while too much salt in junk foods can damage your kid’s kidneys. Do with junk foods what you would do with all the junk in your closet, junk them.

It may not be easy especially when your kid has already settled into the routine of grabbing a bag of potato chips after dinner, or worse, having potato chips for dinner. But here’s a tip that may actually work – clean your pantry of junk foods. Scratch potato chips off your grocery list and buy nuts and popcorn instead. Sometimes, it’s not that your kid is crazy about potato chips; he or she just needs something to munch on, and potato chips just happen to be there most of the time. Replacing potato chips with healthier alternatives is a good starting point for your kid to lose weight.

Encourage healthy eating at home by making time to prepare your family’s meals. Stop relying on microwave dinners and takeouts from fast food restaurants. They’re convenient, yes, but they’re loads unhealthy, too. Serve fish and vegetables on the table, instead of hotdogs or mac and cheese. If your kid craves for something sweet, serve fresh fruits for dessert rather than ice cream.

Set your child’s schedule such that it includes active play. Encourage your child to play sports in school or get him or her to walk the dog in the park. Anything that gets your child’s blood circulation going is good for the health.

Weight loss isn’t just for adults, apparently. Kids need to be aware of it as well. They need to understand the reasons why they gain weight and why they need to keep it off. Getting your kid to lose the extra pounds helps to improve the quality of their life. And prolongs it too!

In some cases, it can also be a life-saving decision.

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