Keep Dust under Control to Clobber Allergies

Dust is the number one enemy of people with allergies. Since dust is all around, it’s quite hard for people suffering from allergies to escape from these tiny substances that can trigger the allergy attack. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. To keep dust under control at home, here are some techniques that you should keep in mind.

Remove the Carpet
The carpet adds beauty and elegance to any living space, especially if you choose the right color or design. But it can also accumulate dust easily and worsen your allergies. If possible, remove all the floor and wall carpeting at home and replace with a material that is more resistant to dust accumulation like wood or tiles for example.

Wipe or Vacuum, Never Sweep
When cleaning the house, it won’t be a good idea to sweep the floor or use a duster for the furniture. These actions would send dust flying all over the house and rushing into you nostrils. Before you know it, you’d be sneezing a hundred times or more! The better way to get rid of dust if you have allergies is to use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. A damp cloth attracts dust without sending them floating into the air. A vacuum cleaner with an efficient filter can suck all the dust even in the most obscure corner of the house.

Make Cleaning a Daily Habit
It’s not enough that you clean once a week, especially if you live in an area notorious for dust. Cleaning daily is the way to go to combat these allergy-causing substances. Spot cleaning once a day not only eliminates these tiny allergens around the house but also helps maintain cleanliness and orderliness. It also lessens the work for weekly or monthly general cleaning. If you spot clean the house everyday, you’ll find a lot less work to do at the end of the week or month.

Change Bed Sheets and Curtains Often
Dust can also stick to linens and fabrics such as bed sheets and curtains. Don’t forget the fabric covers for furniture as well. It would be a smart idea to wash these things at least once a week to get rid of the dust. Be careful when handling and removing the fabric. Even the slightest movement can send the dust flying into the air. Put them inside a plastic bag right away after removal.

Get Rid of the Clutter
Clutter doesn’t only make the living space unsightly but can also trigger allergy attacks. That’s because cluttered items that stay in one place for some time can accumulate dust. Even those little items that may not appear as clutter for you can be bad for your allergies. One good example is the display shelf that contains over a hundred of tiny collectibles. Each of these items would get dusty after some time and if you don’t have the time in the world to wipe each of these with damp cloth, then you might as well just put them away.

There are plenty of things you can do to eliminate the dust at your home. These are important pointers to keep in mind so you can clobber your allergies with little or no difficulty.

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