Live Healthy, Live Clutter Free

If it takes you forever to find your keys or if you can practically surf on the ocean of things that you own, that only means one thing: there is an overload of clutter in your home. It is imperative that you do something about it, and here is why:

Why Control the Clutter?
The biggest effect of clutter is stress. Even for people who have gotten used to the idea of living under piles of clutter still feel stressed when they can’t seem to perform a task or find an important object. When there is too much clutter around, it’s very difficult to organize your thoughts and function properly. It’s also almost impossible to relax. And you know that too much stress can’t be good for you, as it contributes to a wide range of health problems including heart diseases, hypertension and cancer.

Aside from that, clutter can also make you feel tired and lethargic, and this contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of feeling motivated to work out and engage in physical activity, which your body needs, you’re more likely to feel stuck on the sofa and just watch the television the whole day.

Clutter isn’t good for your emotional well-being either. Because there is no space for new things to come into your life, you cling on to your past. It’s much more challenging to move on and face new beginnings with hordes of things holding you back. A cluttered house can make you depressed more easily than one with a clear and organized space.

How To Get Rid Of Clutter
Getting rid of clutter is easier than you’d like to think. To start off, prepare five large boxes. Label each box with donate, sell, recycle, put away and organize, respectively.

The donate box is where all the good stuff that you no longer use should go.

The sell box is for items that you don’t use anymore but can be sold for a profit. An example would be that expensive set of winter clothes that is taking up too much space in your closet.

The box for recycling are for items that cannot be used anymore but also can’t be donated or sold.

Then there are the boxes for putting away and organizing. The organize box would contain all items that you wish to store for easy access, like those piles of books you’ve been meaning to read all this time. You can organize them neatly in a bookshelf. The put away box is for the other things that you wish to keep but wouldn’t need to use on a regular basis, like old photographs and mementos.

Once you’ve organized everything and put the things where they belong, make sure that you keep your home spic and span by de-cluttering regularly. Don’t wait until a month before you clean up again. By this time, the clutter would have already accumulated to a level that you wouldn’t want to clean up. De-cluttering isn’t only to tone down your stress but also to improve the quality of your life through mental stimulation and physical activity.

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