Medical Reasons Your Wife Says No to Sex

When a wife says no, a husband automatically assumes, “Oh, she’s not in the mood”. Sometimes, it’s not just about the mood. It can mean another thing like a medical reason. Below, you’ll find some possible medical reasons why your wife says no to sex.

Reduced Blood Flow
There are certain medical conditions that can lead to reduced blood flow in the genitals.
Such conditions include:
– diabetes
– high blood pressure

Hormonal Problems
Hormonal issues can be brought about by:
– birth control pills
– thyroid disease
– menopause
– breastfeeding

Whatever the root cause is, the result is the same: lower sexual desire.

Medication Side Effects
Some medications can cause low libido among some women.
Examples of such medicines include:
– antidepressants
– chemotherapy agents like tamoxifen

Nerve Damage
– Certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis can cause nerve damage that can dampen sexual drive.
– Pelvic surgery can also damage the nerves and impose the same effect on sexuality.

When a woman is depressed, you can’t expect her to be joyous and exciting in bed. Depression is characterized by loss of interest in activities that used to provide pleasure and one of these can be sex.

– Doctor, Therapist, or Counselor
If you suspect that your wife is having serious problems, it’s a must to talk to her about it. Encourage her to see a doctor or for you both to see a sex therapist. In sex therapy a couple will be taught several ways to reignite the passion in the relationship, which is key for successful intimacy and lovemaking. Relationship counseling seeks to improve the relationship between the couple by addressing issues and problems.

– Don’t Force
It’s imperative to remember that sex is an integral part of the marriage. However, you must not force her if she is not yet ready for consultation. Forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to may only make matters worse especially if the cause is depression. If your wife agrees to get professional help, then good. A consultation is always helpful whether or not the sex problem is due to a medical condition.

– Medication
Treatment would vary according to the problem. One option would be prescription medication. Your doctor may also advise taking estrogen or testosterone, or a drug that increases dopamine levels.

– Eros Therapy
Your wife may also be recommended to try a product called Eros Therapy. This is an FDA approved prescription device that uses gentle suction for the purpose of increasing blood flow to the vulva and clitoris. Some women would be advised to get regular exercise, sex therapy, or relationship counseling.

– Regular Exercise
Regular exercise can help not only in improving blood circulation but also in uplifting one’s mood. Physical activity can effectively trigger the release of feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin and endorphins that can also improve a woman’s sexual drive.

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