Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionists (professionals with medical transcription degree) are indirectly involved with the patients in the health care setting. The work of a medical transcriptionist revolves around helping doctors transcribe patient records. These individuals know the cases of various patients through the records given to them by physicians and other health care professionals. Many records are not well documented and it is the task of the medical transcriptionist to check for grammatical errors and see consistency on the case reports.

Anyone can transcribe but not everyone can transcribe medical jargons. Thus, those who are interested in getting the medical transcription jobs study subjects that are also being taken by other health care professionals. Among the subjects studied are in anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, etc. Studying these subjects helps medical transcriptionist understand better the audio recordings of patient records given to them so they can transcribe fast without having any difficulty deciphering the proper terms found on medical jargon.

People enrolling in medical transcription course are rapidly growing in number these days because of the fact that one can work comfortably not just in offices but also in their homes. Medical transcription is one of the popular work-at-home jobs with good pay today. The degree can be obtained online by enrolling in accredited distant learning institutions. For those individuals who have full time or part time jobs, they have a chance to get a second degree through the internet. For those that have more time for studying can enroll themselves in universities, colleges and accredited institutions for classroom setting. Once they obtain the degree, they can start a career as medical transcriptionists.

A good transcriptionist that works hard and has more expertise gets to earn more. The salary of transcriptionist is usually based on their experience, skills and how much work they can do. It an individual can finish up a lot of jobs, he or she can get loads of cash. It is reported that medical transcriptionist these days earns $27,000-38,000 annually. Some big-time and well-experienced transcriptionists have been reported to earn as much as $70,000 a year.

It is predicted by the US Department of Labor that medical transcription job demand will increase up to 11% by 2018.

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