Narcissism Outbreak: Why Are There So Many Narcissists?

Narcissism refers to excessive love for oneself. This is marked by extreme confidence, materialism, lack of consideration for others, and tremendous vanity. It seems like narcissistic personality traits have invaded the American culture and personality.

A study from the San Diego State University reported of the continuous spread of narcissism among young people especially women college students. Cultural and media influences have great impact on how the personalities of these girls have changed over the recent decade. One piece of evidence is the alarming increase of plastic surgery rates since the early 1990s.

Here are some of the questions you might have regarding this matter:

Is it Wrong to Love Oneself?
No, it’s not. Many psychologists and psychiatrists would tell you that a basic sense of worth is crucial for optimal health. It’s imperative that you love yourself to feel good and be happy. It’s when you cross the borderline to narcissism that your personality becomes harmful.

Isn’t Narcissism Necessary in Today’s Cutthroat Society?
The society has become increasingly competitive. And you need to have a strong personality in order to thrive, survive and succeed. But being strong and determined is still different from being narcissistic. It’s only great for short term successes but makes you lose in the long run since nobody really likes obnoxious people.

How Can Narcissism Hurt You?
In larger scale, this personality type has contributed to the decline in economy. Many people in the country were so confident that they will be able to afford things that in reality they could not. That’s one thing wrong with narcissism. It makes you live inside this fantasy world where everything will be a walk in the park.

What Fuels the Increase of Narcissism?
Experts have gone down to four major causes of rise in narcissism. These include parenting styles, celebrity culture, media and easy credit. Parents have become more and more adept in raising kids with high self-esteem. But they sometimes go overboard with this and instill that belief in their children that they are the best and that they are the center of the universe. While this can help them grow up as strong-willed and confident adults, it can also result in adopting a self-centered attitude. Instead, parents should focus more on teaching their kids empathy, as this is one important virtue they need to be able to feel the needs of others.

Narcissistic traits have also been promoted in various forms of media like in reality shows for instance. One good example would be the My Super Sweet 16. Reality shows like this are very popular among people, showing a positive slant about narcissism. Social networking sites in the internet also highlight narcissistic parts of the personality. Young ones always talk about the cool things about themselves, showing off their latest gadgets, cool parties or vacation trips. Moreover, with easy credit, people find it easier to support their narcissistic desires.

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