Natural Cures for Arthritis

Arthritis is medical condition wherein the joints in different parts of the body are inflamed or become damaged. Arthritis is one of the most common conditions suffered by millions of people all over the world, regardless of age or race. Although there is no treatment to totally eliminate the condition, solutions are focused on preventing the worsening of its symptoms, primarily severe pain (commonly known as arthritic flares). There are a number of alternative treatments that have been developed for arthritis, some of which make use of natural methods or techniques.

Finding the Underlying Cause of Arthritis
Nowadays with the number of alternative healings for arthritis, it would be good to focus on what is causing the attacks of arthritis and from there decide on how to proceed by choosing the appropriate alternative treatment method. From using different crystals to using the healing hand techniques, choose the kind of natural and non-invasive treatment that works for you.

Natural healing techniques apply the principle that releasing the energy in the body and maintaining good energy flow can provide healing to any medical condition, including arthritis. Natural arthritis treatments that make use of the body’s energy include Reiki healing, sound healing, crystal healing and many other holistic treatments.

Reiki Healing
Reiki energy healing originally came from Japan and is commonly used to reduce stress and promote relaxation of both body and mind. With Reiki healing, the practitioner makes use of his hands to allow energy flow which can be curative to the patient’s arthritic body.

Crystal Healing
Crystal healing makes use of different crystals to stimulate energy flow in the patient’s body, thus bringing relief of the symptoms of arthritis. A common crystal that is used for this alternative treatment is the Carnelian crystal, which is said to be a very good source of positive energy.

Sound Healing
Sound healing makes use of instruments such as drums or Tibetan bowls in order to stimulate the flow of energy in the body. This natural method of treatment makes use of the vibrations created by the sound of drums to reduce stress, as well as improve over-all well being and health. It has also been said that these healing vibrational sounds can help cure cancer.

The Healing Hand Technique
The healing hand technique in treating arthritis has become popular among arthritis sufferers. The basic principle of energy flow within the body is still the focus of this technique. The healing hand therapy is also popularly known as touch therapy.

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