Never Put These in Your Baby’s Bottle

According to health experts, breastfeeding is best for babies two years and beyond. However, there may come a time for you when you’d be needing to bottle feed your baby. It may be due to your work, time restraints, or personal reasons. Whatever reason you may have for opting for the bottle, it’s imperative that you bottle feed your baby the right way. Keep in mind that you should never put the following inside your baby’s bottle.

Cereals – Choking Hazard!
Some mothers actually start feeding their infants with cereal early by putting this food inside their feeding bottles. They even claim that their babies sleep longer through the night because the cereals are more filling than regular infant formula. But this a major no-no. The most important reason is that it’s dangerous. Most infants haven’t yet developed their swallowing reflux fully. This means that cereal in feeding bottles can pose as a choking hazard.

There have actually been some casualties because of this. Even though it’s a rare cause of infant death, you should never take the risk with your child. Apart from that, cereals can cause allergies. Being exposed to possible allergens early in life when the immune defense hasn’t fully developed yet can cause serious allergies later in life. There is also a link between early intake of solids and poor digestive system.

Low Quality Infant Formula – Developmental Problems!
Despite numerous attempts by scientists, no one can mimic the same nutritional and health benefits of breast milk. It’s the best thing to feed your baby that can promote optimal physical and mental development. But since you have your own reasons for not doing so, the next best thing would be a high quality infant formula that provides the basic nutrients.

It’s not smart or safe to scrimp with your baby’s formula and buy cheap brand milk that may not be safe for the consumption of your little one. Always go for the best brand in the market. Study the components of the milk thoroughly before purchase. Ask advice and recommendations from your child’s pediatrician as well.

Regular Milk – Digestive Problems!
Your baby will not respond well to regular milk. It’s essential that you choose infant formula specifically designed for your child’s age. This will help ensure that your baby won’t experience any digestive ailments.

Commercial Fruit Juice – Harmful Chemicals!
Fruit juice that you find in the market is not suitable for your baby’s consumption. Most of these juice products, despite their claims of being “all natural” are in fact made with additives and preservatives that you wouldn’t want your child to ingest. Not only would these chemicals cause digestion problems, these may also harm your little one’s health.

Soda – Needless To Say
No parent in his/her right mind would feed a baby with soda. Soda is harmful even for adults, let alone for babies who have hardly developed resistance and immunity. This beverage is extremely high in sugar and harmful chemicals that shouldn’t get near your child even after he grows up as a toddler and pre-schooler.

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