Obesity and Health Risk

Ok, so you love to eat but do you even for a minute stop to think about the consequences of being obese? Many people are often unaware that being overweight can have serious adverse effect on their health.

Obesity can be due to the nature of life style or lack of exercise. Although we cannot blame individuals for the temptation for high calorie food to please their taste buds they should familiarize themselves with obesity and health risk that are associated with it. This will only ensure a better and healthier body and mind.

Obesity, Defined

Obesity does not happen overnight. It works in a very slow process for many to even realize that they are putting on weight. Sure, you might look at yourself in mirror and say “Hey! I am not fat or overweight”. But the truth is that if you weigh more than at least twenty percent above your normal body weight then we are sorry to say that you are obese. Factors that determine individual body weight are the height, gender and body structure. If you are someone with excess bodyweight depending upon your body frame then it is time to know about obesity and health risk that you may or are likely to face.

Health risk due to Obesity

Obesity and health risk go hand-in-hand and it can affect one’s health in several ways. Let us look at some of the health risks that may be faced by a person who is obese.

Joint Pains: Obese people often complain about joint and knee pains which actually happens due to excess body weight.

Heart Attack: High calorie food intake leads to high cholesterol level, which may lead to blockage of blood vessels and even increased blood pressure. This enhances the chance of having a stroke and even heart failure.

Diabetes: An obese individual may be unaware that being overweight is an open invitation to diabetes as compared to normal weight person. Having excess weight increases insulin resistance resulting in high blood glucose level.

Social Humiliation: An overweight person is likely to feel uncomfortable in the presence of individuals with well toned and fit bodies. This may result in low self-esteem and even a sense of humiliation.

These are just a few health risks that an obese person faces. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to keep a check on food intake, exercise regularly and improve the current lifestyle. Remember, prevention is better than cure and it’s never too late to start.

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