Office Exercise: Yes, It is Possible

Work is probably on top of the list when it comes to common alibis used by people for not exercising. “I’m always at the office”, “I’m too busy with work” and “My job is too demanding” are just few of the many excuses that people use to justify not being able to exercise. But the truth is, you can exercise anywhere – even at the office! Yes, office exercise is indeed possible. To prove that, here are some ways you can get a few workouts in between your 9-5 job.

No Cars – Walk or Bike to Office
Make the most out of your commute to your work. Instead of driving your car, why not walk to your office. If it’s too far to walk, then ride a bike. This will burn you a lot more calories than you could ever have imagined. Plus, you’re doing the environment a big favor by saving up on energy and gas. You would be saving much money too for yourself.

No Elevators – Climb the Stairs
Climbing the stairs is a very good way of burning calories. Why let the elevator do all that lifting when you can be having all that fun? Not only that, you’re doing another eco-friendly act.

No Sitting All Day – Stand and Walk Around
Look for various opportunities to stand and walk around. Obviously, you’ll burn more calories standing or walking than staying glued to your office chair the whole day. Instead of IM-ing your officemate to get those papers for you, walk up to her and say what you need in person. Instead of eating lunch in your office table, walk outside and find a good shady spot under the tree. Volunteer for tasks or chores that require going outside the office.

Don’t be Lazy – Work Out
While you’re at the office, you actually have plenty of time to squeeze in some workout routines. Before you dive into your paperwork, go to the restroom and do some lunges or squats. When going from one department to another, brisk walk or light jog your way to your destination. Instead of joining your office pals for a cigarette break, go outside to inhale fresh air and jog in place. All these little moments of free time can be used for healthy and refreshing office exercise.

If work is so important to you, then use it as a motivation to keep yourself fit. Remember, healthy employees are more productive and resourceful, and thus have better chances for promotion and career success. You’re more likely to feel energetic and on the go even in the middle of stressful situations and pressures of work. Bosses are more likely to be impressed with your positive aura, which is another good thing that exercise can bring to you. If you want to be a frontrunner in your company, plan accordingly to include exercise in your daily routine so you can be healthier and stronger.

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