Osteoporosis is a disease that is very common with the elderly characterized by brittle bones due to the reduction of bone mineral density. If you see old adults walking on the streets stooping like a hunched back, that adult is most likely suffering from osteoporosis. There are a lot of calcium milk brands that are available these days to aid in strengthening the bones to prevent the disease. But, if it’s too late, one cannot escape mortality due to osteoporosis.

Symptoms? No Symptoms
Osteoporosis itself is not very obvious because the symptoms will not be felt until bone breakage occurs. One will not know that he or she has brittle bones unless they happen to get fractures on simple accidents that will not cause fractures to individuals normally with healthy bones. The disease slowly cripples the bone, making it porous like sponge. Thus it breaks easily. The fragility of the bones of an individual suffering from this disease makes him or her very much predisposed to developing fractures on common areas.

The bone areas that are very prone to breaking are the hips, wrist, rib, and back or the vertebral column. Care givers taking care of the elderly always watch out for accidents like falls because this is the common cause of fractures among the adults.

Pain and Side Effects from Fracture
The pain caused by fractures among elderly is very debilitating. Fractures can result in the death of the patient when surgery is not administered immediately because some areas of bone breakage can cause deep vein thrombosis such as those fractures on the hip. Pulmonary embolism is also likely to occur.

Caregivers and Home Safety
Careful considerations are always taken into account for caregivers watching for adult patients with osteoporosis. Blockage along the way such as furniture, rags or any items that may cause accident to the fragile patients must be removed. Adults with eye problems and balance problems have double risks of acquiring fractures and so they are always on the watch of the care giver.

Very old adults in particular cannot undergo surgery when they get bone fractures because of their old age and thus, they die painfully from osteoporosis.

Pain Medications
Taking pain medications increase their risk of liver damage and so, they can sometimes die not from the disease itself but by acquiring damaged organs due to medical treatment.

Another consideration to take is to watch out the diet of patients. Older adults need more calcium, biphosphonates, vitamin D and other important minerals that help strengthen the bone or lessen the rapid drop of bone mineral density. There are a lot of supplements nowadays that can cover for the lacking nutrients in food, because most foods today are processed and they lack the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

Exercise is also done to minimize the risk of getting the disease. Those individuals belonging to the younger population need to practice healthy living through exercise to strengthen the bones.

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