Overcoming Lower Back Pain In The Workplace or At Home

There is a growing number of lower back pain incidences today, afflicting not just the middle-aged group and beyond, but even young people. Is there something about living in this modern age that causes lower back pain? Well, probably it’s because certain career options nowadays are requiring people to be on their desk all day, and that situation tends to strain the hip flexors, causing back pain.

Executives, telemarketers, call center agents, writers, home-based workers and anybody who has to sit on a chair for long periods of time are all prone to experience lower back pain. And because these people make up a large portion of the work force, the need to take lower back pain seriously becomes greater.

Strengthening and stretching exercises are all beneficial when you are suffering from lower back pain.

– Strengthening exercises are designed to strengthen not just the muscles of the lower back, but all the other muscles that come into play, such as the leg muscles and the abdominal. Strengthening exercises increase the ability of these muscles to withstand stress, whether from prolonged sitting or something else.

– Stretching exercises, on the other hand are exercises that give the body more flexibility, reducing the possibility of injuries involving the back. Wall squats and straight leg raises are two of the easiest and most popular exercises for lower back pain relief.

Doing aerobic exercises is also a good idea. Aerobic exercises are cardio exercises that work your muscles including your heart. They aid in lower back pain relief by keeping the body generally fit and healthy. Swimming, brisk walking and dancing are all wonderful forms of aerobic exercise.

In addition to these exercises, making some changes to your daily work routine also offers some relief to lower back pain. For instance:

• Make time for coffee breaks, but take a little time making your own coffee and drink it standing up.

• Get up from your desk every thirty minutes and get some leg work.

• When sitting, position yourself such that your knees are at the same height as your hips. You can have your feet rest on a stool if necessary to achieve this.

Lower back pain does not have to be a consequence of being born in this time and age. And it certainly should not necessitate a change of career. Simply engaging in appropriate exercises and employing a bit of common sense can help you overcome lower back pain in the workplace and at home.

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