Pinching Pimples: Is it Dangerous?

It’s been a common question among those whose faces are filled with zits all over: can popping a zit kill you? In theory, yes, it can. When you pinch a pimple, you push germs into the bloodstream. The circulation of the blood from the face mixes with the blood circulating in the brain. This can cause brain infection and be fatal. The good news is, this has never happened before. But this still doesn’t make it all right to pinch the pimples. Here are the dangers of doing so.

Prolonged Healing
The truth about popping a zit is that it doesn’t and wouldn’t go away after you do that. Many people pinch their pimples to get rid of them but they are only doing the opposite. Popping a zit actually prolongs the healing. Not only that, it would also take some time to heal the damaged skin. If you want to drain the unsightly pus out, go to your doctor. Your doctor will use a sterile needle to drain out the pus. He will surely tell you it’s not advisable to turn this into a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.

Local Infection
Acne is not a skin infection but if you pop it, the germs that are on the surface of your skin can get inside the open skin and cause real damage. The germs that are on the face like staph and strep germs usually don’t do any harm. Things change when they find openings like the aftermath of a pinched pimple. A zit that develops into a swollen, red and tender area requires an immediate visit to the doctor as it’s possible that you have a local infection and that you need antibiotic.

Another big reason to stop yourself from popping your zit is scarring. The healing process causes very little scarring. In most cases, the zit doesn’t leave a scar at all. But if you squeeze the zit, the body has to work harder in healing the lesion, producing more scar tissue. Scar tissue has different circulation, elasticity and pigmentation from normal skin so it would surely look unsightly on your face. Unless you want to be branded as scar face, keep your hands off your face.

Increased Zit Size
Pimples are caused by certain germs in the hair follicle that create skin-irritating acid. The body then tries to fight the acid by making a pimple. Squeezing the zit may force the acid deeper into the skin. The body will then again try to fight it off, this time with a larger and even more unsightly zit.

Transfer Herpes Germs
If you have a cold sore on your lip and you squeeze your pimple, it’s possible that you may transfer the herpes germ from the cold sore to the open acne area. Cold sores may develop at the site of the pimples which can cause even greater problems for you.

By this time, it should be obvious that under no circumstance it is acceptable to pinch your pimples. It may not kill you but it can certainly cause great distress.

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