Playtime: It’s Not Just for Kids

All work and no playing would make anybody a dull person, not just kids but also adults. Humans, by nature, are born to play. This is a fundamental aspect of full living that allows us to get excited and energized, as well as connect with other people. While it provides adrenaline rush and stimulation of the brain, it also calms and soothes the mind. Since physical activity also boosts the production of happy hormones in the brain like endorphins, playtime inevitably elevates your mood and makes you happier.

Despite all these wondrous benefits that playing can give people, why is it that hardly anybody goes out to play? Many people would stop playing once they reach the stage of adolescence. For others, it’s later in adulthood. People take for granted the advantages that can be derived from this and would rather doze off in front of the TV or focus their time on computer than engage in creative activities that are mentally and physically stimulating.

Here are more reasons to convince you to take some time off your work to go out and play like you once did as a child:

Playing Incites Learning and Creativity
You were always told that playing is children’s way of learning the world. It can be the same for adults. As mentioned earlier, it stimulates the brain, particularly aspects like creativity, imagination, logic and problem solving skills. There are many things about playtime that encourages learning and these include trial and error, discovery, curiosity, risk taking, and many more.

Playing Helps Us to Connect with Others
Even if you’re not a social butterfly, you’ll find it much easier to bond and connect with others during playtime. It’s like you’re a kid once more who can meet people and gain friends without having to worry about your lack of social skills. Remember, when you were a child, how easy it was for you to approach your classmate and start small talk. That has become a challenge growing up, at least for some people. Not only that, playtime encourages laughter, empathy, trust and intimacy.

Playing Makes You Happy
It’s true that playtime can be the antidote to loneliness and isolation. It can even work for people who have anxiety or depression problems. As mentioned earlier, endorphins, the happy brain chemicals, are released when you engage in a physical activity. It’s no wonder, you’d immediately feel a boost in your mood after playtime. It also keeps your mind occupied so you don’t always have to worry about the daily life stressors like work, house chores, kids and so on.

Playing Teaches Us Good Values
Perseverance, cooperation, trust, honesty, patience, determination – these are just few of the many things that people brush up on when they play. These values that people get from playing are necessary to survive, thrive and succeed in life.

Do your physical and mental health a favor. Go out and play more.

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