Poor Kids With Nurturing Moms Grow Up As Healthy Adults

Poverty can hamper growth and health – that’s one reality that many of us find hard to accept. The government is doing everything it can to provide good quality health care for the less fortunate. Unluckily, everything still isn’t enough. Poor children have been found to be more susceptible to infections and diseases than their affluent counterparts. This is according to a new study that also revealed one thing that can be a defense against this: a nurturing mother.

Money And Health
The lead author Gregory Miller, a psychologist from the said university, stated the findings in a news release from the Association of Psychological Science. The findings are to be published in the upcoming issue of Psychological Science.

Other findings stated that the more affluent a child’s parents were, the better his/her individual health was in adulthood. On the same thread, children whose parents were high school graduates and college undergraduates were 1.4 times more prone to metabolic syndrome than children whose parents were college graduates. Metabolic syndrome is referred to as a set of risk factors associated with serious ailments like heart disease and diabetes.

The Exceptions
The only exception in this finding is the children who were raised by nurturing mothers. Researchers believe that the management and reduction of stress throughout childhood is what spelled the difference. Being a nurturing mom can protect kids from different types of negative things including illnesses.

There were also previous researches that confirmed that disadvantaged children were exposed to stress and anxiety that had permanent negative effects on their physiological development. This in turn made them more vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. Once again, this can be countered by a mom’s tender loving care.

They say we can’t choose our mothers. Those who were born from moms who have given them the best of love and care are definitely lucky. There’s no amount of wealth that can ever replace that.

The Lesson
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that apart from having an effect on a person’s emotional well-being, parenting can also have a significant effect on a person’s physiological health.

If you’re a parent or going to be one anytime soon, it’s important that you keep these in mind. You know you’re ready to shower your kid with love and affection but certain things like hectic work schedule may prevent you from having quality time with him/her. It’s a must to make time for bonding not only to nourish your child emotionally but also to ensure that his/her physiological health is kept in top shape.

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