Possible Reasons your Weight Loss Diet isn’t Working

You’ve been dying to wear that little red dress you’ve had your eyes on. So you’ve decided to go on a diet. You started skipping breakfast, and then you ate less and less amounts. As the days went by, you felt like you haven’t been eating at all and yet you have plumped up instead of losing weight. Something clearly is wrong!

Isn’t Dieting Supposed to make me Lose Weight?
Here lies the problem. You have the proper motivation to start the road to losing weight. But there is a line between dieting and starvation. Diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t eat. This is where “healthy dieting” should be considered.

A healthy diet is sensible and it will still supply you with the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need. A healthy diet will make you lose weight and starving yourself will not. About 70 percent of the dieting population has a misconception about dieting. That is why they end up achieving nothing and often even gaining more weight.

Here are misconceptions that lead you to a bad dieting:
• If I starve myself I’ll lose more weight.
Starvation won’t make you burn fat. In order for our body to burn fat, we must supply it with sufficient calories. Almost everything that we eat has calories. You don’t need to go on a very low caloric intake. You just need to make a sensible reduction to it.

• If I skip breakfast then I’ll have lesser calories for the day.
Skipping breakfast is a big no-no for a sensible diet. It would just slow down your metabolism and will make you binge latter part of the day.

• I hate carbs, they make me fat.
Carbohydrates won’t make you fat. It’s the type and amount of carbohydrate that you take in that would dictate your weight loss or weight gain.

• No milk for me!
Another very popular misconception, it’s the type of milk that matters and not the milk itself.

• No snacks please!
The big surprise? Healthy snacking aids in weight loss programs.

• Just salad for lunch and no croutons please!
Sure, vegetables and fruits are an integral part in any diet program, but there are other food groups in the food pyramid that are very vital too.

So, Your Diet Regimen Doesn’t Work? Try These!
• Eat every three to four hours.
This is the exact opposite of starvation. In order to hasten your metabolism you have to eat small, healthy portions every 3 to 4 hours. Snacking would also prevent you from binging.

• Have sensible servings of healthy carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrates or the healthy carbs are preferred over the simple carbohydrate or the sugars. We get this from whole wheat bread, rice and pasta among others. You won’t be able to burn fat if you don’t have your dose of healthy carbs.

• Be a milk drinker.
Opt for low fat or nonfat milk products. Recent studies show that the calcium in milk boosts up weight and fat loss.

• Load up on fiber.
Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. But don’t forget the other foods in the food pyramid as well.

Dieting is not so tough after all. Just be sensible and have fun while incorporating healthy foods in your daily intake. Sooner or later you’d be wearing that little red dress!

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