Power of Hand Washing – Never Underestimate

Hand Washing is one of the simplest and most important factors towards achieving good health. On a daily basis, people come in contact with millions of germs.

These microorganisms are proven to be harmful and can be found in all of the surfaces around us on doorknobs, switches, floors, tables, faucets, cell phones, and many more. Although it is inevitable to be in contact with these germs, we may be able to prevent acquiring the diseases they carry through hand washing before touching eyes, nose, mouth, or any other part of the body.

Although people may be aware of the importance of hand washing, not many know how to do it properly. The process of hand washing is important to effectively eliminate germs. Hand washing does not simply mean coming in contact with running water. The use of soap is essential for effective hand washing.

How to Wash
First, you must wet your hands with running water. Reach for the soap and rub hands together with soap to make lather. The next step is to wash every part of your hands such as washing the front and back of your hands, between fingers and under nails. It is recommended to perform hand washing for more than 15 seconds to effectively wash germs off. Rinse your hands and dry them thoroughly. If soaps are not available one can use sanitizers, gels, or antibacterial wipes.

When to Wash
Hand washing is your first line of defense from harmful diseases. It is important to perform hand washing regularly. One needs to wash hands in situations such as before and after eating meals, before and after preparing food, after using the bathroom, after visiting the hospital, after holding pets, after coughing and sneezing, after changing diapers, and after collecting and throwing the garbage.

Who Should Wash
People working in food production and health institutions are given strict orders to follow regular hand washing. This act should be followed by every individual.

One should also remember that aside from outdoor places, one’s home can also be an area for acquiring diseases. It is necessary to teach and implement hand washing at home. Children should be trained to perform hand washing since they are among the most susceptible hosts for microorganisms.

People with weakened immune system should also religiously do this act, because this simple activity will greatly save the frequency of their hospital visits.

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