Preventing Common Injuries at Home

Accidents happen – we hear that all the time. But really, accidents can be avoided if safety measures are practiced. At home, you can protect your family from the most common mishaps by keeping these safety tips in mind:

Falls are on top of the list of causes of home injuries and death in the United States, as stated in the report of the Home Safety Council. Children under 5 years old and adults older than 70 are at most risk.

To prevent falls in the bathroom:
– Make sure that your bathroom floor is not slippery. Make use of non-slip mats in the floor, tub and shower areas.
– Install grab bars and clean up water spills.

– Clear the clutter in the stairs and install safety gates if you have toddlers.

Around the house:
– Don’t make use of the tripping hazard throw rugs. If you must, tack them securely to the floor.
– Install window guards to minimize the risk of window-related falls.

Did you know that 90 percent of poisoning cases take place inside the home? It’s a scary thought, indeed.

Most common causes of poisoning include:
– cleaning chemicals
– household products
– beauty products
– medicines
– vitamins
– plants
– lead poisoning
– carbon monoxide poisoning

The frequent victim is the curious child who’d put anything into his/her mouth.
So you won’t be sorry in the end:

– Ensure that every bottle that contains poisonous chemicals is labeled with skull and crossbones.
– Choose products that come with child safety lids.
– Keep all harmful chemicals out of children’s reach.
– Never leave the chemicals lying around.
– Don’t ever make the mistake of transferring toxic chemical into a container used for food or beverage.
– Install carbon monoxide detector at home.

Cuts with the kitchen knives also happen quite frequently inside the house. Safe use of kitchen knives is paramount.

– Always keep knives in a secure location that won’t be reached by children.
– Use only the correct type and size of knife for a particular purpose. If you use the wrong knife, such as a short knife for carving meat, you increase the risk of accident.
– Focus on what you’re doing. If you get distracted, you might cut your finger instead of the carrot.
– Moreover, use a large cutting board and always keep fingers away from the blade.

Take fire safety seriously.

– Since cooking is the leading cause of home fires, it’s a must to have a fire blanket handy in the kitchen.
– Install a wet chemical fire extinguisher, which is designed to combat grease and cooking oil fires.
– Around the house, install smoke alarms. In the 2005 report of the National Fire Protection Association, many of the accidents in the United States occur in houses that are not equipped with smoke alarms.
– Practice safe cooking in the kitchen. Don’t leave the kitchen when cooking.
– Roll up your sleeves before you whip up your favorite dish.
– The stove shouldn’t be placed anywhere near the curtains or anything that can catch fire easily.

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