Pump Up Your Morning Energy

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll of 2011, about 63 percent of Americans are not getting sufficient sleeping during the week, primarily because of work. As you know, this isn’t good at all since adults need at least seven hours of sleep to enable their bodies to recuperate the right way. If not, you’ll wake up groggy and sluggish the next morning, wanting to reach for a cup of coffee to be able to function. It makes you wonder if there is any other way to boost your energy levels in the morning apart from the caffeine fix. The good news is, yes there is! In fact, there are four other ways to pump your morning energy levels.

Eat Small Dinner Early
Eating large meals at night is a big no-no. There is a bigger chance of waking up in the middle of the night to answer nature calls. It’s also not a good idea to eat heavy very late at night, as this forces the body to get busy with the digestion process, making it harder for you to doze off. If you want to get good quality sleep in order to have good energy the next day, eat little and early during dinner.

Drink Water When You Wake Up
One of the first things to do when you wake up is to drink a glass of water. Remember, your body has gone through several hours without water so it is mildly dehydrated. That can make you feel sluggish. Drinking water will promote circulation and energize your body. Plain water is good enough but for some added boost, stir in one tablespoon of minced ginger and two squeezes of lemon in a glass of water.

Don’t Ditch Breakfast
Breakfast is called such because it’s the meal that breaks the fast that happens when you sleep for long hours and not eat anything. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it supplies glucose to the brain, which prepares it for the activities for the day. Not only that, it also helps stabilize the levels of blood sugar, which if are low, can make you feel exhausted. You can either go for protein-based breakfast like a meaty sandwich or opt for a carb-based meal like oatmeal.

Get Some Morning Sunlight
Another essential activity for you to do in the morning is to get natural light for about 15 to 30 minutes. When sunlight reaches the pineal gland in the brain, it reduces the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a brain chemical that signals the body to sleep. When the rate of melatonin drops, the body becomes more awake and alert. Indoor light box isn’t as strong as the sun to perk up the body, which is why your best bet would be to go out and bask in the wonderful warmth of the sun in the early morning.

See, there are plenty of natural ways to pump up your energy levels in the morning that doesn’t include anything about caffeine!

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