Recovery After A Nasal Polyp Surgery

Nasal Polyps are overgrowths of the mucosal lining from the inner nasal passages to the nasal cavity itself. They affect the sinuses resulting in rhinorrhea, a feeling of nasal fullness, leaking of nasal and pharyngeal secretions, blocked breathing though the nose, and loss of smell. The symptoms start gradually and aggravate further. Dealing with it is especially difficult when the patient already has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). As an immediate solution to this, nasal polyp surgery is performed.

The length of recovery from a nasal polyp surgery really depends on the patient and how extensive the surgery was. These are the things that you have to consider to help you assess yourself on whether you could get back to your ADLs (activities of daily living) right after your surgery:

Minor Nasal Polyp Surgery
A patient only needs a minor nasal polyp surgery if:

– if the patient is without polyps or any active infection that results to prominent inflammation.
– if the patient doesn’t need any kind of packing or septoplasty.
– if there is only minor septoplasty involved.
– if the procedure only involves balloon sinuplasty.

Normally, the patients have to be excused from work for three to four days. In the first few days of recovery, there is usually no pain in the area of surgery but there will be bloody drainage that usually flows down the throat. But this will slowly stop after one or two more weeks. Headaches usually occur after the surgery but these are usually mild ones. Eventually, the frequency of the headaches will be significantly lowered. For any kind of pain that may occur after surgery, pain medications are usually prescribed and are only taken as needed.

Major Nasal Polyp Surgery
A patient should undergo a major nasal polyp surgery if:

– if the patient needs packing and a complete septoplasty.
– if the patient needs removal of a large part of the turbinate.
– if the patient has severe inflammation.
– if the patient has polyps and cysts located in the sinuses of the maxilla.

After a septoplasty, there will be a significant amount of pain. It usually takes longer for the patient to recover after a nasal polyp surgery with severe inflammation. In normal cases, the patient should take a leave of absence for about four to seven days but this still depends on the patient.

As long as the packing is still inside, the patient will experience discomfort. This makes your head feel very congested and you will experience difficulty breathing. The recovery will get much faster once it is finally removed. Only little pain is experienced after this removal. The bloody drainage will still continue for weeks even if the packing is already removed. It will be lessened as the patient continues to recover.

Be sure to take note of these significant points to help you gauge the amount of time that you need for your surgery.
It is really a major challenge for patients with nasal polyps to perform daily activities. If you or a loved one is having this kind of health problem, do not hesitate to consult your doctor so that you could be tested and diagnosed correctly.

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