Removing those Stubborn Acne the Natural Way

Acne is a skin disorder caused by overproduction of oil by the oil glands. When oil along with dirt gets trapped in oil ducts, it results to acne. Acne is characterized by the presence of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. It causes skin eruption and inflammation. Most commonly, acne grows in areas of face, chest, back and shoulders. It occurs to most people in their teenage years and early 20s.

There are many treatments and remedies for acne. Most people find the presence of acne very frustrating and they seek different ways to get rid of those stubborn zits. While there are some effective medical treatment for acne, some find those treatments expensive and some others find them ineffective. If those remedies do not work for you, you can try natural remedies that are surely effective in treating acnes.

Some natural remedies that you can try are:

• Drink lots of water – Water helps you flush away the toxins that cause acne. It will also help your skin look healthier due to the proper hydration.

• Keep hands and hair off your face – Oils from your hair and face will cause more buildup of acne. You may also want to change your pillow every couple of days in order to effectively keep those oils off your face.

• Avoid too much makeup – Make up allows you to cover acne but only temporarily. Make up will cause buildup of oil and dirt in your face that will cause more acne.

• Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil – Tea tree oil is one of the most famous remedies for acne. It is incorporated in many different acne products. It is very effective in treating acne because it has anti bacterial substance called Terpenes. Acne is also caused by bacteria and this substance destroys the bacteria. On the other hand, jojoba oil melts the buildup of sebum. Mix the jojoba oil and tea tree oil in 10:3 proportions and directly apply it to the affected area. You can use jojoba oil and tea tree oil separately if you prefer.

• Aloe Vera – The gel of the aloe vera plant is highly effective in treating acne. It has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effect that can treat acne. You can apply the gel in the affected area directly.

• Tomato Slice – Tomato is rich in Vitamin A that is known to prevent production of excess sebum. Tomatoes are also known to be rich in antioxidants that help repair damaged tissues and prevent scars. Rub a slice of tomato all over the affected area.

• Ice – Apply ice directly to the affected area. Ice helps in reducing pore size where oil and dirt buildup. Aside from this, ice also helps in reducing inflammation in acne.

• Lemon Juice – Apply lemon juice directly to your face and after a few minutes wash it with cold water. Lemon juice gives relief from acne.

• Yogurt and Rice Powder – These two remedies work best together in exfoliating the skin. Exfoliation helps in clearing up acne. To make rice powder, put rice in the blending machine. Mix half a spoon of rice powder with 2 spoons of plain yogurt. Mix everything well and use it as a face scrub.

These natural remedies are effective in treating acne but eating a healthy diet will also help you in clearing those blemishes. Eat foods and take supplements that are high in Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These three helps in repairing damaged skin and helps in preventing overproduction of oil. You should also wash your face regularly to avoid buildup of oil and dirt.

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