Secret Remedies for Back Pains

Back Pain has affected more than 80% of the people in America today. It’s is an ache (anything from a dull ache to a sharp and piercing pain) felt at the backside of the body originated from the muscles, bones, nerves or even joints. Back pain could be classified into four parts which are neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain and the tailbone pain. In US, back pain is the fifth largest reason why people visit a physician.

It is important to relieve back pain with the right treatment. Below is the list of helpful insights in dealing with back pain:

– Before starting a treatment, it is important to know what type of back pain you have. Make sure you correctly locate and understand the problem area.

– The basic and the most common way to get rid of the problem is rest. While resting, ice packs and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to additionally relieve the pain.

– Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy or PT) can also be beneficial in fighting severe back pain. Physiotherapy might include massage, whirlpool baths, a personalized exercise program or controlled appliance of heat.

– The posture of sitting and sleeping habits must be checked. Consult your doctor and learn the correct sitting and sleeping postures. Check your mattress for proper support. A sagging mattress might be adding to your troubles.

– In case your physician cannot help, go to a pain specialist. In severe cases, injections and steroids are also used. However, long-term and severe pain might require a surgery for cure. With advancement of technology, some new ways to cure pain have also come up, such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS). TENS carries a mild electric current in the body and relieves pain. However, it is yet to be established if TENS is a permanent cure to back pain.

Back pain must be treated before it becomes severe. Visit a doctor immediately if you feel back pain.

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